Ben Shapiro hates middle class America

The Littlest Chickenhawk has always hated America, Americans, and Western Civilization, he just didn’t make it so obvious to everyone before now. I see many people are enraged at Blackrock. Blackrock is buying homes from people willing to sell them. If you don’t like what they’re doing, target the loose governmental policy incentivizing this sort of […]

Mailvox: defending Ben Shapiro

Jew613 rather unwisely attempted to defend the Littlest Chickenhawk’s disrespect for Jesus Christ: Jews never believed Jesus was anything but a man. This can’t possibly be news to you. There are a series of very specific prophecies, which werent fulfilled. Hence the need for a second coming so Jews rejected him. While the Gemara doesnt […]

Ben Shapiro on Jesus Christ

BS: From a Jewish point of view, where we don’t believe in the divinity of Christ. There you can make an argument, that the Gospels which were written significantly- JR: He was just a prophet. BS: No, no, no. We don’t even think he was a prophet. JR: What do you think he was? What […]

Ben Shapiro humiliates himself on the BBC

Ben Shapiro has mega TANTRUM on the BBC Ben Shapiro is the famous, fast-talking pundit who regularly ‘owns’ aggressive campus students with his quick wit and rapid repartee. Alas, Shapiro isn’t so ‘crazy smart’ when he comes up against difficult questions from a real interviewer. Yesterday he just couldn’t cope with an interrogation from the […]

Ben Shapiro Wrecked by One Perfect Tweet!

Ben Shapiro@benshapiroOmar: The nefarious Joos and their money and dual loyalty undergird American support for Israel.NYT: The question raised is…is Omar right? Glenn Greenwald@ggreenwaldIsn’t it notable how the person who mocks every claim of racism & bigotry as the by-product of whiny, authoritarian, overly-sensitive snowflakes suddenly leads the callouts, denunciations, & demands for safe spaces […]

Busting Ben Shapiro

The Littlest Chickenhawk’s anti-American racism is about to backfire on him: CJ PearsonWe’re getting new submissions every 30 seconds. Every member of the media who defamed, slandered, and doxxed the #CovingtonBoys on Twitter will be served. Each and every tweet will be archived and turned over to the students’ legal counsel. The fact that literally racist […]

Ben Shapiro DEBATE-RAPES Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

She’s TERRIFIED to take on the diminutive master debater: Twitter exploded on Thursday after democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slandered Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro in response to the debate offer he extended to her earlier in the week, leading many prominent accounts to slam the 28-year-old bartender turned politician. On Wednesday, Shapiro offered to donate […]