He is Now

Fred Reed explains how the Gazacaust is manufacturing anti-semites around the world.

What kind of human will intentionally bomb a hospital? Or a refugee camp? Is there nothing so foul that an Israeli pilot will not do it? What could be more cowardly? What would it take to get you, the reader, to bomb a hospital?

Of course it is not the scale of what Israel is doing, but the dogged, unrelenting coldbloodedness of it, its shamelessness. It would never occur to a military man, Israeli or otherwise, to say, “No, I won’t do that.” In my decades of covering the armed forces I found officers often to be long on physical courage but almost always to lack moral courage. Soldiers pride themselves on following orders and if the orders are to bomb a refugee camp, well, the pilot was just following orders. This is what Eichmann said, though he wasn’t a soldier. The cult of obedience removes all moral responsibility.

Note that Washington is as culpable as Israel for the slaughter in Gaza. Israel depends utterly for its survival on American support. If Washington told the Israelis to stand on their heads buck naked and sing Yankee Doodle in three-part harmony, or lose all American support, in two minutes they would be upside down and wailing. The killing continues because Washington wants it to continue.

The historically literate will note that the mass deliberate bombing of civilians is not particularly Israeli, but an invention largely made and certainly perfected by the United States. The British-American air war against Germany targeted civilians. Everyone knows about the firestorms in Hamburg and Dresden, and for that matter Hiroshima and Nagasaki, though countless other German cities were so targeted, with Tokyo being firebombed to burn thousands to death. Germans who lived through this tell of exactly the results seen in Gaza, rubble, fire, dead and dying children. Plus ca change, plus ca doesn’t.

The eternal cry of the Jew: “The whole world hates me. What’s wrong with the whole world?” Well, here is an answer that will serve for a few decades. Before Gaza, there was around the web the usual low-key hostility to Jews, like the 4K background radiation. Now nice liberals make venomous comments about how Hitler should have finished, etc. For all I know, ninety percent of American Jews may oppose the killing, and certainly many do, but this doesn’t seem to matter. Selling the Holocaust will be harder for a few years. It will make no practical difference.

It is easy to see why. A friend, conservative, by no means a milquetoast, for a while watched video from Gaza. He saw a little girl, horribly hurt, legs gone but still alive, with adults, apparently her family, going stark bugfuck crazy. The child would not live for more than a minute or two, massive femoral bleeding being of short duration. My friend began sobbing, not his style.

Never an antisemite, he is now.

Here We Go Again, FRED REED, 24 January 2024

Being historically literate, I’ve never given a fragment of an airborne rodent’s posterior for the so-called “Holocaust” or bought into the endless pity party of things that happened eight decades ago. I even pointed out, correctly, that no one under the age of 40 is emotionally moved by appeals to the Holocaust, the endless Boomerism of the mainstream media narrative notwithstanding, in a public debate with a former British Member of Parliament.

But the Gazacaust is happening right now. The pointless sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian lives on the altar of Clown World by the Kiev regime is happening right now. The foreign invasion of the United States has been happening right now. These are the events that will shape the future, not a shameless, outdated appeal to victimhood that somehow still dominates the political scene and dictates the laws in the USA, the UK, and the rest of Clown World.

No matter how one wants to believe oneself to be a good person, subscribing to all the right beliefs and approved narratives, sooner or later, everyone will be forced to make the decision whether they are going to recognize evil to be evil, or if they are going to declare it to be good.


Identity > Ideology

Lee Kuan Yew’s doctrine is more important than all the ideologies and isms in history combined. Because no one actually believes in any of them, they simply use them for the advancement of their races and religions. Identity is even sufficient to transform a diehard, life-long libertarian and Austrian economist into a full-blown collectivist, as evidenced by Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s criticism of Walter Block’s libertarian case for Israel:

Block et. al., in their attempt of presenting the liberal respectively libertarian case for Israel, maintain that they can justify the claim of present-day Jews to a homeland in Palestine based on their status as “heirs” of Jews having lived two millennia ago in the region then called Judea. Not surprisingly, however, except for the single and in itself highly questionable case of the Kohanim (Jews of priestly descent) and their specific connection to the Temple Mount, they do not provide a shred of evidence how in the world any one specific present-day Jew, through a time-span of more than two thousand years, can be connected to any one specific ancient Jew and be established as legitimate heir of some specific piece of property stolen or otherwise taken from him two thousand years ago.

The claim of present-day Jews to a homeland in Palestine, then, can only be made if you abandon the methodological individualism underlying and characteristic of all libertarian thought: the notion of individual personhood, of private property, private product and accomplishment, private crime and private guilt. Instead, you must adopt some form of collectivism that allows for such notions as group or tribal property and property rights, collective responsibility and collective guilt.

This turn from an individualistic to a collectivistic perspective is on clear display in Block’s et. al. summary conclusion (p.537):

“Rothbard supports homesteading as the legitimate means of ownership (the first homesteader gets the land, not any subsequent one)….Libertarians deduce from this fact that stolen property must be returned to its original owners, or their heirs. This is the case for reparations. Well, the Romans stole the land from the Jews around two millennia ago; the Jews never gave this land to the Arabs or anyone else. Thus according to libertarian theory it should be returned to the Jews.”

Bingo. But homesteading is done by some specific Ben or Nate, not by “the Jews,” and likewise reparations for crimes committed against Ben or Nate are owed to some specific David or Moshe as their heir, not to “the Jews,” and they concern specific pieces of property, not all of “Israel.” Unable to find any present David or Moshe that can be identified as ancient Ben’s or Nate’s heir to some specified piece of property, however, all reparation claims directed against any current owner are without any base.

Another property theory is needed to still make the case for a Jewish homeland. And Block and his coauthors offer such a theory: property rights and reparation claims can allegedly also be justified by genetic and cultural similarity… Whatever these outpourings of Block’s are, they have nothing whatsoever to do with libertarianism. In fact, to advocate the indiscriminate slaughter of innocents is the total and complete negation of libertarianism and the non-aggression principle. The Murray Rothbard I knew would have immediately called them out as unhinged, monstrous, unconscionable and sickening and publicly ridiculed, denounced, “unfriended” and excommunicated Block as a Rothbardian.

First, setting aside the burning question of what is, and what is not, Rothbardian, I always find the historic Jewish claim to the land of Israel on the basis of previous ownership to be incredibly bizarre, given that in the very document upon which they base that claim, it is established a) the Habiru stole the land from the Canaanites and b) most of it didn’t belong to them anyhow, but to one of the other tribes. How would property that Simeon stole from Joe Canaan, which was then stolen by Assyrians and later stolen by Romans, then Arabs, and finally the British, before being stolen by European Jews somehow properly belong to a genetic heir of Judah?

But that’s just an observation that is literally the exact opposite of new. What’s much more interesting here is the way that Block’s argument relying upon the transformation of the ideological core of libertarianism into a form of ethnic collectivism not only proves Lee’s doctrine of identity, but even shows how predictive that doctrine can be. For the record, I had never read anything by Block nor did I know anything about his background prior to reading Hoppe’s article today

Walter Block was born in Brooklyn, New York to Jewish parents Abraham Block, a certified public accountant, and Ruth Block, a paralegal, both of whom Block has said were liberals. He attended James Madison High School, where Bernie Sanders was on his track team. Block earned his Ph.D. degree in economics from Columbia University and wrote his dissertation on rent control in the United States under Gary Becker. Block identifies himself as a “devout atheist”.

Show me your argument and you show me your identity.

Because, as the greatest political mind of the 20th Century once wrote: “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

That’s why I no longer describe myself as a libertarian. Not simply because I have rejected the ideology, although I have, but because I no longer believe that most ideologists, past or present, are even remotely interested in, much less connected to, truth and objective reality. Despite its grandiose and universalist pretensions, ideology is the detailed rationalization of an identity group’s immediate interests, and it will always be subject to further modification and mutation as that group’s interests change over time.


Confident or Crazy?

There are reports that in the aftermath of the International Court of Justice telling him to stop the Gazacaust, the Israeli Prime Minister is not only going to reject their demands, but order the IDF to invade Lebanon:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is prepared to start a full-blown war against the pro-Palestinian armed group Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Lebanese broadcaster LBCI reported on Saturday. Hezbollah has been firing rockets and mortar shells at Israeli positions since the start of the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. The barrages have prompted retaliatory strikes from the Israeli army.

According to LBCI, an intelligence report on Israel’s plans has been provided to Hezbollah by an unnamed Arab country. The potential IDF campaign would be aimed at compelling the militants to abide by UN Security Resolution 1701, which was adopted after the end of the last Israel-Lebanon war in 2006, the TV channel said. The UN document facilitated the creation of a demilitarized zone along the Israeli-Lebanese border.

I understand the political pressures driving Netanyahu to try to find a military success somewhere as Israel comes under increasing international and economic pressure even as the internal political pressure on him reaches a boiling point. But this would be a pretty serious roll of the dice, and one that would indicate something akin to desperation on Netanyahu’s part.

The problem is that mainstream opinion in Israel is becoming literally genocidal as the fear there grows, which tends to confirm the very worst opinions of Israel’s enemies in the Arab world as well as in what were previously less hostile BRICS countries. While China has limited itself to simply telling the US it will not lift a finger to help prevent the Yemenis from preventing US, UK, and Israeli cargo ships from transiting the Red Sea, Russia is prepared to start shooting down Israeli warplanes attacking Syria, and presumably, Lebanon. And even in Clown World, people are openly rejecting the neoclown narrative about the moral sanctity of mass-murdering civilians with a side of ethnic cleansing.

When even the most loyal of Israelis, like the great historian Martin van Creveld, are troubled by the obvious falsity of the Israeli rhetoric, it’s probably not very effective on anyone else.

One thing, and by no means not the least important thing, war always produces a tsunami of kitsch. The kind that seeks to show how utterly wicked, utterly cruel and utterly depraved, the enemy is. The kind that claims to weep for, and commiserate with, the losses on one’s own side. The kind that contrasts our heroes’ indomitable courage and commitment to the sacred cause with the dastardly cowardice and treachery so characteristic of, so inherent in, the other side. The kind that, by its very nature, stokes the flames and undermines any kind of rational thought. If, indeed, it does not prohibit such thought altogether. Needless to say, Israel—my Israel—is not exempt. Some of the stuff that has been drowning us since the 7th of October is the product of genuine emotion. But much of it—especially that pronounced by, or commissioned by, politicians—is patently false. At times, so obvious is the fakery as to make one want to puke.

And if you’re losing an Israeli-born US Jew like Ilana Mercer, you’ve already lost pretty much everyone who hasn’t sold you their soul.

These days, Israel’s political discourse is marred by the likes of Eliyahu Yossian, a mainstream opinionator… “Hamas is not the enemy,” he vociferates, “Gaza is. You level the area, and you kill the largest possible numbers, because the woman there is an enemy, the baby there is an enemy and the first grader is an enemy …and the pregnant woman is the enemy.” Yossian goes on to explain that Israel must not entertain “Western values” because these “blur basic logic.”

And so the IDF has done. Should you want proof that this man’s views have gone mainstream in Israel; look at Gaza. It’s a moonscape…

It used to be that leaders like “Yoni” Netanyahu charged with their men into battle. Not anymore. Nowadays, celebrity, champagne-swilling generals give the order, after appearing on Fox News, to chubby men in front of AI consoles to bomb the anthills from above and afar. The broad and short of it is that, no reparations can fix an irreparable Gaza, although these are owed. The Israel of my formative years was no Eden before the Fall, but it was not a terrorist state. Jewish supremacism, like the American exceptionalism driving the United States’ foreign policy, breeds barbarism.

Jewish exceptionalism is every bit as stupid, evil, murderous, and false as the German exceptionalism that led to the horrors of the National Socialist imperialism and the American exceptionalism that led to the establishment of the imperial USA and subsequent downfall of the American nation. And, if the rumors about another invasion of Lebanon are true, I doubt it will end any better for the Israeli leaders than it did for their Nazi counterparts.

The leader postures.
Frightened people shout for war.
Will it never end?

UPDATE: It won’t end now, anyhow. It appears US soldiers are already dying in the Middle East again. Why are there US Army soldiers in Jordan?

Three US Army soldiers have been killed and many others wounded by an overnight drone attack in Jordan, President Joe Biden has announced. The strike on a US army outpost represents a significant escalation of simmering tensions in the Middle East.


Thereby Raising the Question

“We are a people that has been kicked out of every place we’ve ever lived for 2000 years. Every. Single. Place.”
—State Rep. Randy Fine, (R-Israel)

I’m no historian, of course, but I don’t recall either Florida or the USA having been around for 2,000 years. Well, I suppose it’s an improvement that they’re no longer pretending to be real Americans who love football, apple pie, and Christmas.

It certainly doesn’t look like as if they’ve learned anything from the last 2,000 years or that the pattern is going to change anytime soon.


Why Gen Z Rejects the Jews

This incident in the UK pretty well summarizes why Israel is getting obliterated in the global PR war, particularly among Gen Zers.

This is the moment an irate taxi driver kicked out an ‘antisemitic’ passenger from his cab after she ranted about the ‘Jewish machine’. The furious London cabbie was filmed booting out his female fare, telling her to ‘get the f*** out of my cab’ during a journey through Soho, on Halloween last month.

Footage of the clash appeared online today, with former Tory leadership hopeful Tom Tugendhat MP hailing the driver’s actions as ‘the correct response to racism’.

In a conversation recorded on dash-cam, the passenger says: ‘It’s so easy to trigger people nowadays… The Jewish machine is so strong. It doesn’t allow you to talk. But again, there are so many examples of me showing you brutalisation of Palestinians.’

The irate cabbie then interrupts the woman and rages: ‘Right, you can get the f*** out of my cab. Out. Out.’

‘Why,’ asks the woman, before the driver shouts back: ‘The Jewish machine doesn’t allow you to talk!?’

‘You’re an example of that,’ replies the passenger as she gets out the taxi and a door slams shut.

Now, I’m sure Jonathan Greenblatt and his UK-resident equivalent are celebrating the fact that their pet politicians and clueless Anglo-Boomers are applauding what they have been taught to be “the correct response” to antisemitism. There are no shortage of comments supporting the cab driver’s actions; these are some of the top-rated ones:

  • Well done the cabby
  • Well done cab driver for speaking out.
  • Absolute respect for this man. Absolutely none for her!
  • Love that taxi driver!
  • Excellent. Well done, sir!

Of course, no one under the age of 65 comments on a newspaper site.

Meanwhile, the younger generations, who have been taught that everyone is equal, everyone has a right to his own opinion and his own truth, and that freedom of thought, speech, and expression is the highest human value, are NOTICING that this poor woman did literally nothing but express her own opinion, and in response was angrily denied a basic service that she had already purchased.

And I’m certain they are perfectly aware that if the positions had been reversed and a British driver had told a Jewish passenger to “get the fuck out of my cab”, the British flag would be flown at half-mast over Buckingham Palace, every Premier League team would hold a minute of silence before games for the rest of the season, King Charles would announce that he would prefer to be styled “the Defender of the Torah”, a new Cabinet Ministry would be appointed to “fight antisemitism”, Rachel Riley would be on the front page of every major newspaper crying about how she has a panic attack every time she sees a taxi, and the driver would be hunted down by Scotland Yard, disemployed, and prosecuted for thirty-seven hate crimes.

Now, the Boomers observably don’t give a damn about fairness. They literally could not care less about it. But Generation Z genuinely cares about fairness. Young people have always cared a lot about fairness, with the obvious exception of the Boomers due to their super-special generational status that rendered them society’s wise elders from birth. And there is absolutely nothing fair about the claim that an individual’s opinions, however unpopular, somehow magically eliminate all of the laws and rights and principles and ideals that have been relentlessly trumpeted since the dawn of the Enlightenment.

Those who don’t play by their own publicly declared rules will eventually discover, to their dismay, that their enemies have followed suit. And they will also learn that no one under the age of 50 gives a damn about this totally unexpected state of affairs.

The lesson, as always, is this: shameless hypocrisy is terrible rhetoric.

UPDATE: Yeah, blasting your users and banning their videos is totally going to convince Gen Z that you’re the good guys. Totally.

TikTok has blasted users promoting a vile letter written by Osama Bin Laden in regards to the 9/11 atrocities and promised to remove any content referring to it. ‘Content promoting this letter clearly violates our rules on supporting any form of terrorism,’ TikTokPolicy wrote in a post to X, formerly Twitter. ‘We are proactively and aggressively removing this content and investigating how it got onto our platform.’


US Casualties in Middle East

It appears US special forces are already actively engaged in the Middle East and possibly even in Gaza.

Five American service members were killed in a crash late Friday after their helicopter had a “mishap” during a training exercise and went into the eastern Mediterranean Sea, the military said Sunday. Two officials confirmed that the five were Army special operations soldiers, as first reported by The New York Times and Washington Post. Search and rescue efforts went into Saturday before being called off, according to the officials.

“Training Exercise,” in the military context, is always a pseudonym. The US special forces don’t “train” overseas, unless they are training foreign militaries. The “mishap” was most likely the fact that the helicopter was shot down, although the list of possible culprits is far too long to even hazard a guess.

Meanwhile, Gazans are reporting encounters with English-speaking troops with US flags on their uniforms. Given the number of dual citizens in the IDF, this doesn’t necessarily mean US special forces are already on the ground in Gaza, but it would be very foolish to assume they are not already engaged there.


Ben Shapiro and the Inevitability of Defeat

If you want to know why I expect that Israel will lose its war with Hamas and the Arab nations, and why the USA will lose WWIII, just read this transcript of a strategic analysis of Russian military doctrine by Ben Shapiro, and then recognize that he is a public microphone who simply repeats what the neocons who are running both the micro and macro war efforts genuinely believe:

Russia is not a first-world power. Russia is a second-world power. As they suggested, it’s a gas station with a nuclear arsenal. That doesn’t mean it’s not geostrategically important. It doesn’t mean it can’t cause all sorts of headaches and problems for the West. It doesn’t mean that it can’t turn off the gas that they get and cause serious problems for Western and Eastern Europe.

What it does mean is that when Russia goes to war, Russia does not go to war the same way the United States does. It does not go to war the same way Israel, or the UK, or NATO does. When Russia goes to war, it basically just uses overwhelming force and kills enormous numbers of civilians.

And what we’re seeing is that the Russians don’t even have the number of supplies that they need to fight this battle. What that means is that the war gets ugly, it gets ground down, and very vicious, street fighting, lots of civilian deaths, and this has been part of Russia’s playbook for quite a while. They’ve been using this since Chechnya in the late 1990s. If you cannot pacify a region, you just start killing as many civilians as you can.

At the very least, you try to shock and awe people into surrendering, by killing civilians and demonstrating that you are harder than they are, that you do not care how many civilians you have to kill.

Ben Shapiro, 3 November 2023

Now, read it again, this time keeping in mind the famous aphorism of Sun Tzu regarding knowledge and the likelihood of either victory or defeat.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

The neocons neither know the enemy nor do they know themselves. That is why, now that the conflicts have transformed from one of influence and subversion to one of power and war, they are destined to lose.


Mailvox: Why International Opinion Matters

An SGer asks a reasonable question:

Why does Israel care what the international community thinks?

Because the nation is too small and too weak to survive without being provided resources and protection by other nations. Only large nations with abundant natural resources such as China, the USA, and Russia can afford to ignore international opinion without rapidly regressing into a pre-industrial state of starvation. Unfortunately, the current Israeli elite has transformed what was once excellent diplomacy into an abusive parasitism over time, which is short-term advantageous but long-term self-destructive.

The current crisis is almost certainly related to the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of Israel. In the eyes of the world, Israel had a just cause to use force to take its hostages back. But it does not see Israel having just cause to ethnically cleanse Gaza or bomb the civilian population there. Hence the rapid loss of global sympathy, and the concomitant increase of global antipathy.

Here’s a hint: if you’re appealing to the historical examples of Dresden and Nagasaki, you are absolutely going to lose the rhetorical war every single time. Even many Americans regard those wartime acts as inexcusable war crimes, as does most of the planet.

Scott Ritter’s article on his complicated personal history with Israel is, as is often the case with Ritter, somewhat hit or miss – at this point, the current state of South Africa is better seen as an ex post facto justification of apartheid than as a positive example for Israel or anyone else – but he does manage to demonstrate why no world leaders, and even many Israelis, have absolutely no trust in Netanyahu or his leadership in this war.

I didn’t blame Israel as a whole, but rather the individual Israelis involved, first and foremost the man who had taken over from Yitzhak Rabin as the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s incompetence as a political leader had resulted in him being voted out of office in 1999, replaced by Ehud Barack (who had apparently learned to lie to a degree sufficient to the task of being an Israeli politician). In September 2002, Netanyahu testified before the US Congress about Iraq’s nuclear weapons program. Even though he did so as a private citizen, his status as a former Prime Minister gave his words credibility they did not deserve.

“There is no question whatsoever that Saddam is seeking, is working, is advancing towards the development of nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said. “Once Saddam has nuclear weapons, the terror network will have nuclear weapons.”

Netanyahu’s statements directly contradicted the findings that my Israeli colleagues and I had reached—findings that were shared by the International Atomic Energy Agency, responsible for overseeing the dismantling of Iraq’s nuclear program—that the Iraqi nuclear program had been eliminated, and that there was no evidence of its reconstitution.

But Netanyahu’s job wasn’t to tell the truth about Iraq’s nuclear program, but rather use the fear generated by the specter of an Iraqi nuclear weapon to justify a war with Iraq that would remove Saddam Husein from power. “If you take out Saddam, Saddam’s regime, I guarantee you that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region,” Netanyahu told his receptive congressional audience. “And I think that people sitting right next door in Iran, young people, and many others, will say the time of such regimes, of such despots is gone.”

Looking back today, at the horrific consequences of America’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, at an Iranian regime firmly entrenched behind a nuclear program that is not going away, one can clearly see that Benjamin Netanyahu was wrong about everything. But that has been his modus operendi from the start—to exaggerate and lie about threats faced by Israel to justify military action which invariably resulted in disaster.

Now, regardless of what one thinks of Ritter, the fact that Netanhayu’s known modus operandi for more than two decades has been “to exaggerate and lie about threats faced by Israel to justify military action which invariably resulted in disaster” does not leave one with a great deal of confidence in a positive outcome of this recent war between Israel and the organization it helped create, Hamas.

This is Netanyahu’s war, one that he has long sought, and quite possibly one of which it will eventually be learned that he arranged and staged. We may even need to coin a new term for this sort of war, because if it is true that Netanyahu not only permitted, but was involved in encouraging the attacks, “green flag” wouldn’t suffice to describe it. “Puppet flag” would be more accurate.

And as for any objections that it would require a sociopath to contemplate and actually do such a contemptible thing, well, there appears to be considerable evidence that Netanyahu is not only a sociopath, but one whose psyche was deeply affected by the death of his heroic older brother at Entebbe. As the Germans learned to their great detriment, as the Ukrainians are presently learning to theirs, it is very costly to a nation to permit a psychologically-damaged individual to hold the reins of government.

UPDATE: Oh, Sweet Moses. Israeli PR doubles down on the rhetorical retardery.

Nations that have failed to support Israel’s response to the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7 are on the side of the militant group in the conflict, the Israeli Foreign Ministry has declared. There can be no neutrality regarding the conflict, a ministry spokesman has insisted.


Green Flag Confirmed

Jonathan Pollard, the US traitor and spy whose loyalty to Israel cannot possibly be questioned, has testified that IDF helicopter pilots received a stand-down order on October 7th that prevented them from responding to the Hamas attacks for six hours that day:

In a recent interview, Jonathan Pollard explicitly confirmed the only plausible explanation for what happened on Simchas Torah: there was a stand down order while thousands of Jews in dozens of communities were brutally murdered, tortured, raped, mutilated, and dragged off to Gaza.

The vital clip is available here, and a link to the complete interview with Kofy Time TV is in the description.

As copious video evidence has shown, the savages conducted their rampage methodically and at great leisure, without concern that an overwhelming military response was likely to arrive any moment. They somehow knew they had time to sit down and eat, take smoking breaks, pose for videos, loot the dead, and torture many of their victims.

If you managed, in spite of all odds, to break into Fort Knox, you wouldn’t take your sweet time.

Unless, of course, you knew with absolute certainty that the cavalry wouldn’t be coming for a while, because certain people in the highest positions of power made sure of it. As Pollard states:

“…It took six hours for any reaction to occur, when the army and air force bases were within earshot of what was going on. I have friends who were helicopter pilots, attack pilots, who were sitting in their cockpits ready to take off, fully loaded, ready to stop them at the fence. They didn’t get their orders for six hours. They could hear it. They could hear the fighting! They were called by friends in the border kibbutzim and moshavim that were being overrun and slaughtered, saying ‘Help us! Please! They’re killing our children!’ They weren’t given permission to take off. That will haunt my friend for the rest of his life. He feels personally responsible for many deaths because of that – wrongly.”

I respectfully disagree with Mr. Pollard. The helicopter pilots and others who obeyed orders to stand down while their friends and neighbors were crying out for help are personally responsible. The people who gave them this order, and all those who relayed it down the chain of command, are most responsible, of course, and these people must be identified, apprehended, interrogated, and brought to justice immediately, BEFORE we deal with our enemies in Gaza and elsewhere. We cannot continue to have these people in positions of power, giving orders to our family and friends in the army and playing with the lives of our people.

The history of US wars, from the Spanish-American War to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, are riddled with false flags and green flags. Nor did the USA invent the concept; the Romans were notorious for producing one excuse or another to justify their legions marching on various kingdoms and empires. The Nazis famously used a false flag to justify their invasion of Poland in 1939.

On August 31, 1939, German troops dressed in Polish uniforms pretended to attack a German radio station near the German-Polish border at Gleiwitz.. Concentration camp inmates had been previously shot and dressed in German uniforms and left at the radio station to make it seem the Poles had attacked Germany, giving Germany the excuse for starting World War II in Europe.

But as bad as false flags are, it is arguably even more noxious for a government to abdicate its primary responsibility of protecting its own citizens and knowingly permit foreign hostiles to kill, capture, and otherwise abuse them. And therefore it strikes me as highly unlikely that Israel is going to be any more successful in its war against Hamas if it is being led by a Netanhayu government than the USA was in its failed wars against Afghanistan and Iraq under the leadership of the Younger Bush.

It’s not possible to dismiss Mr. Pollard’s accusations as antisemitism, anti-Zionism, or secret sympathies for Hamas. This six-hour stand-down order proves that a) the Hamas attacks were, as we suspected, a green flag, and b) that Netanyahu and at least some IDF generals knew about the attacks before they took place. This also suggests, given the speed and scope of the subsequent US military response, there were also US parties aware of the planned attacks. The global opposition to the Netanyahu government’s actions may actually be the lesser of the two serious problems presently faced by Israelis, given that they are presently being governed by a leadership that appears to be almost as willing to kill them as its enemies are.


The Rage is Boundless

I don’t mean to elevate the blood pressure of anyone who is reading alternative media, but I fear it has been reliably reported on social media that new Hamas outrages have been discovered.

  • Hamas hands Israeli babies bottles but they are actually dynamite sticks painted to look like bottles, and they explode after the babies realize the fuse is lit.
  • Hamas paints walls to look like tunnels and then makes Israeli babies drive into the walls thinking it was a road the whole time.
  • Hamas puts Israeli babies on see-saws and then drops anvils on the opposite side, launching the Israeli babies into the stratosphere.

There is only one solution to these unconceivable horrors committed by subhuman animals, and that is to send in every single soldier in the US Army and the US Marine Corps to genocide the entire Gaza Strip, West Bank, and the East Bank. Also, Syria, Iran, and southern… what the hell, all of Lebanon too. After which, gold-plated condominiums will be constructed, at US expense, to console the shattered survivors of these unprecedented outrages.

Anything less would be an anti-semitic hate crime. Write your congressman!

UPDATE: The media elites really don’t get it. The lack of self-awareness is astonishing.

Israel has made two major mistakes.

  • First, the goals of the war have been poorly articulated.
  • It has failed sufficiently to emphasize that an entire army of accomplices stands behind Hamas.
Why Israel is fast losing the public relations war, THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, 1 November 2023

The first point is relevant, the second one is not, but neither explain the global loss of sympathy for the Israelis in the aftermath of the October 7th attacks. The reason Israel is now losing the public relations war is because a) the response is observably and statistically disproportionate, b) the misguided attempt to capitalize on the initial world reaction through argumentum iniuriae has failed due to both a lack of credibility and a complete failure to read the crowd, c) the media narrative contradicts the Ukraine media narrative of the last 20 months, and d) neocon + ADL overreach.

UPDATE: It appears the Israeli propagandists failed to learn the lesson of Sandy Hook, which is this: Americans don’t give a fuck anymore. GenX and the younger generations are not gullible Silents and Boomers. We all know that governments have historically done terrible things in order to get the people to buy into whatever their cause du jour is. So, the elites can fly false flags and slaughter every kindergartener in New Jersey, they can rape every puppy and kitten in Tel Aviv, and it still won’t move us to support them one little bit.

Also, you might not want to run with “dead babies” when you support abortion. Your rhetoric is DOA. I mean, what’s the real problem there, the lack of maternal consent to the murder?