Ben Shapiro Backtracks

The narrative has definitely shifted. Now the public champions of the vaxx are trying to claim that they weren’t really pushing the vaxx on anyone. They just “broadly recommended” it because people lied to them. They were really the good guys all along!

No one, and I mean NO ONE, should ever listen to these deceitful morons ever again. The harm they have done is literally incalculable, but it is material and it is significant. If anyone deserves to experience cases of Suddenly, it is these outspoken vaxx pushers.

Even if they were terrified of Covid and decided to get vaxxed themselves, they never had to say one single word about it or utilize their influence on others for evil. And yet they did, and they did so repeatedly, and they did so with open contempt for those who were speaking the truth and were correct all along.

If Ben Shapiro ever hosted a single vaxx skeptic on his show and permitted them to raise any of the obvious doubts about the vaxx, I am unaware of it. At least Scott Adams openly entertained and discussed the vaxx skeptic case, although, much to his regret, he ultimately rejected it for unique personal reasons.