The Rehabilitation of Ben Shapiro

Now that it is too late for the millions of conservative vaxx victims who were vaccinated with the active encouragement of Ben Shapiro, the conservative media is attempting to position him as one of the good guys worthy of trust again.

Ben Shapiro has long been a strong advocate for the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, believing that taking them was a socially responsible measure that might save someone’s grandma and even slow or prevent the spread of the virus. On Tuesday, Shapiro stated that, like many others, he had been deceived about the efficacy of the vaccines, particularly with regard to their ability to prevent viral transmission.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” Shapiro stated, “It is now perfectly clear that we were lied to. And we were lied to at a very high level and from very, very early on by both the vaccine companies, in terms of the ability of the vaccine to prevent transmission, and … by our politicians who apparently knew better.”

Shapiro’s admission and sense of betrayal comes, in part, after Pfizer executive Janine Small stated on Oct. 10 that the company did not know if the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine it had developed with BioNTech would prevent viral transmission before the drug went on the market.

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In addition to being enraged by Small’s admission, Shapiro took issue with the possibility that the Biden administration knew as much over a year ago, but had nevertheless stood by its original narrative. “It turns out the Biden White House knew this and promoted the lie anyway,” said Shapiro. “This is truly amazing stuff.”

On Aug. 2, 2021, he claimed, “Getting vaxxed essentially protects you from the virus. Remaining unvaxxed makes you vulnerable. Make your choice.”

On Sep. 2, 2021, he suggested that the “only people … [who are] worried, unfortunately, are people who are vaxxed and shouldn’t be worried; the unvaxxed are generally unworried, which is why they are unvaxxed.”

In February, he boasted, “Double-vaxxed. My wife is triple. My parents are triple.”

Knowing what he knows now, Shapiro, who is double-vaccinated, said he is not sure whether he would have taken the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, but said, “maybe not.”

AC isn’t fooled by the attempted post-vaxx rehabilitation. Nor should anyone else be fooled.

So he is one of us again, and now we can follow him again, MAGA-Bros. Because he won’t be wrong about the next thing he will be wrong about. I love how none of these sites mention Vox Day, or this site, or any of the thousands of other people who were entirely right in telling people not to take the shot. Since they got the last thing right, and Shapiro got it entirely wrong, wouldn’t it make sense to not listen to Shapiro anymore, and listen, instead, to the people who got the last thing right?

Never, ever, pay any attention to The Manufactured Ones. Even when they belatedly say things that are true, they only do so in order to be able to mislead you again when their masters wish you to be led astray. No former vaxxine cheerleader who has turned against the vaxx should be trusted, for much the same reason that no converted liberal should be permitted to assume a position of leadership in a political or religious organization.