Ben Shapiro hates middle class America

The Littlest Chickenhawk has always hated America, Americans, and Western Civilization, he just didn’t make it so obvious to everyone before now.

I see many people are enraged at Blackrock. Blackrock is buying homes from people willing to sell them. If you don’t like what they’re doing, target the loose governmental policy incentivizing this sort of investment.

Seriously, Blackrock isn’t going to stop investing in single-family homes because you’re mad on Twitter. But you could direct your energies toward stopping the Fed’s insane monetary policy, which is driving down the cost of loans and creating a massive bubble.

If Blackrock is willing to take the risk of leveraging up to buy single-family housing at above-market prices, that their prerogative. So long as they own the downside risk. No bailouts. Ever.

And if you’re mad at Blackrock and want to artificially prevent them from buying single-family homes, I’d like for you to explain to those who currently own the homes why you’re taking money out of their pocket.

And just to underline what a moron the little monster is, note that his advice to Americans watching the elimination of the housing stock and the destruction of the middle class is not to oppose the guilty party, but to oppose the Federal Reserve, a private corporation massively more rich, powerful, and politically influential than Blackrock.

As Lauren Witzke explains: THIS is why Ben Shapiro is promoted on all platforms. Little Ben is the official damage-control spokesman for the wicked Globalist Oligarchy.

Once I understood that debt was the center of the modern economy, I wondered how long it would take for the favored borrowers to own literally everything. Apparently we’ve now entered the accelerationist phase, that will only be stopped by a) Satan’s little servants owning everything, or b) revolution and mass deportations.

Of course, it always ends in (b), the only question is whether there is an (a) phase first.