Why I Dislike Quote Posts

I do not quote post. I find quote-posting to be rather narcissistic, mostly unnecessary, and somewhat smacking of the Smart Boy. I don’t think it should be banned or restricted, but I have to admit that I do tend to roll my eyes at a post that quotes a post that already has healthy engagement with dozens of comments.

There is, of course, a place for quote-posting. Ironically, the people who absolutely should be quote-posting don’t, while most of the people who do really shouldn’t. The ideal place for quote-posting is when your comment is excessively tangential to the original post or would otherwise tend to derail the discussion of the topic at hand. For example, if you’re going to take pedantic and detailed exception to some minor aspect of the post in question, or if you’re a Protestant/Catholic who is going to take the opportunity to unnecessarily express your very important opinion of the Roman Catholic Church/Random Protestant Denomination, that would be a good time to quote the post and thereby branch the discussion in an appropriate manner that most of the commenters on the thread will tend to appreciate.

If, however, you’re merely quote-posting to ensure that your Very Important Comment is not lost amidst the general stream of commentary on the topic, well, that’s simply not necessary. I’m not going to say that such a quote-poster is necessarily seeking attention with all the intensity of a girl on a pole chasing dollar bills, but that’s pretty much how it tends to strike me, anyhow.

Here’s how you can tell the difference: how much engagement of your quote post can you reasonably expect in comparison with the original post? If there is a reasonable fraction, then you’ve probably reasonably branched the discussion and provided a useful service to the community. If, however, there is no engagement, then you’re just quoting-posting to no purpose and everyone would be better off if you would simply comment on the original post instead of quoting it. Once you start to recognize the pattern of when others engage and when they don’t, it should be possible for you to improve your decision-making in this regard.

And for the love of all that is good and holy and beautiful and true, please recognize that a quote of this post, or any post on the subject, will neither be clever nor witty nor anything but painfully obvious.


Even Christians Boom

The Boomers have learned absolutely nothing from their past mistakes. They are incapable of learning anything. The sooner the myopic, self-absorbed narcissists die off, the better chance Western civilization will have to survive in some form.

We had a church meeting to discuss the issue of the school growing beyond what our facilities can handle, and the mostly boomer congregation decided the best use of our 1.3m of funds would be to build a senior living center on church property. It’s beyond over

The Me generation lived solely for the Now. Instead of planting trees for future generations, they cut down the trees their predecessors had planted and destroyed the society they were given. And whether it is Covid vaccines or church schools, they continue to prioritize themselves instead of their grandchildren, which comes as little surprise to the children they similarly neglected in favor of their rapacious lotus-eating.

The best thing Generation X and the subsequent generations can do is learn from their catastrophic collective failure as a wicked generation and focus on the future rather than on the past or the present.


Never Relax the Rules

An SGer suggests a Clean Speech exception:

Now BB is back on Twitter, we may need a special CS exemption for quoting him. Basically impossible otherwise. Globe, payments for male encounters, you get the idea.

My response:

No exceptions, no exemptions. In fact, if you were a moderator, you’d lose your position just for suggesting this. This sort of special exception is precisely how the rot always begins.

Now, there is nothing wrong with a SocialGalactic user throwing out ideas, regardless of whether they are good or not. The site is an autocracy and the users have absolutely no power to change anything. However, it’s important to understand that sort of suggestion is a red flag and the mindset behind it is potentially very dangerous because it is precisely the way that infiltrators always begin the process of changing an organization.

The problem is that most justifications for initial change not only sound reasonable, they are reasonable. But that is why those who are in charge of enforcing the rules need to be indifferent to reason and deaf to reasonable appeals to relax them. If you give ground on one core principle, you have laid the groundwork and provided part of the justification for the next retreat.

I would rather permanently ban every single UATV creator, including myself, from SG than relax its Clean Speech policy by so much as one emoji. I don’t care what Owen says on Twitter or on Gab; if anyone on SG wants to know what he has said, they can follow him on those alternate social media sites. Clean Speech is one of the most important attributes of SocialGalactic, and it is not a policy that is open to discussion or modification.


The Problem with Twitter

The problem with Twitter is not its management, its Trust & Safety Council, or its anti-free speech policy. The problem is that MPAI (Most People Are Idiots) and social media magnifies their idiocy. Consider the following exchange on Gab, after Andrew Torba reposted my comment about Jordan Peterson and other Pied Pipers of the Right.

Elon Musk is not, and will never be, one of “the good guys”. Neither is Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, or any other figurehead elevated and propped up by the wicked corpocracy. When will morons on the right stop falling for the same charade?

@voxday I love it when people say stuff like this then offer zero examples to back up their reasoning. And then when someone says something contrary to the OP the response is “you’re retarded.” That doesn’t make anyone believe what you’ve said; even if @a reposts your vague statement.

@rurallifemurica @a First, I’ve published an entire book exposing Jordan Peterson, and written dozens of posts documenting political frauds from Bill O’Reilly to Ben Shapiro. Literally 3 seconds of effort on your part were required, but you couldn’t even manage that. Second, since you are observably incapable of having your mind changed by information, there is absolutely no point in providing you with more detailed information. Rhetoric is all you speak, so rhetoric is all you get. Third, you’re retarded.

The fact that most people are limited to rhetorical communication and lurch from one position to another on the basis of their emotional manipulation by external sources is why social media is ultimately just another societal management tool for the elite. A recent study that paid inveterate Fox News watchers to watch CNN for an extended of period of time demonstrated, contrary to the study’s hypothesis, that the views of those watchers changed considerably in response to what is, quite literally, the programming of their minds.

Any platform that wishes to remain functional on a dialectic level will find it necessary to limit access to it, or it will rapidly descend into precisely the same morass of moronics that engulfs every popular social media platform, regardless of its orientation and policies. This is why we harbor no desire to open up either SocialGalactic or comments on other platforms to the public.

As one SGer observed, “It’s not an echo chamber. It’s a high-pass IQ filter.”


The cost of corporate cancer

As one SocialGalactician discovered, the convergence can metastasize quickly if left untreated:

An SJW snuck into my organisation while I was out for a month. Cost to the business: $150,000, 3 months lost progress, 5 bad hires, 2 lost investment opportunities. Finally cancelled him and his entire team this week.

First red flag: Tried to hire a female developer who couldn’t code but was very much into “women in tech”. I raised the alarm immediately but no one wanted to rock the boat.

Second red flag: Promotes “working from home” policies and hires people who know him personally. Result: Startup culture that doesn’t deliver anything but has a great “culture”.

Third red flag: Breaks down in tears when confronted and claims this is affecting his mental health.

Penny drop: Investors walking away because nothing gets done, finally have enough ammo to take him down.

Keep SJWs out of your organizations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a softball team or a software company, SJWs will destroy it. It’s literally their purpose for being. You can’t reason with them or teach them any more than you can reason with or teach a cancer cell. 

Building nihilists

 Spacebunny points out the long-term consequences for the trophies-for-everyone generation:

The rarely discussed long term effect of “a trophy for everyone” is how this has destroyed more than one generation’s mental toughness and drive to succeed. If, at a very young age and then for years, you are told your successes are meaningless and not worthy of being noted or acknowledged, what does that do to your ability to compete successfully in any area in the future?

No wonder so many of them are weak, afraid of failure, and desperate for affirmation. The purposeful detachment of effort from accomplishment has proven to be insidious and psychologically devastating.

An awkward disagreement

You think you’ve got problems? Big Bear has no sympathy for you. From SocialGalactic:

You know how you think you have some awkward disagreements with your friends? My friend @voxday literally makes leather bound books…out of GOATS…you’ll be fine with you and your coworkers disagreement on the friggin moon landing!

Ahead of the curve

As seen on Socialgalactic:

“Cities are done.”
– Scott Adams, 1 June 2020

Scott Adams sure is ahead of the curve. And that curve is donkeys that suffer from severe mental retardation. What clued you in Scott? The nationwide race riots only in cities? Or the fact cold and flu season can shut down all commerce for months? Scott Adams thinks he’s crushing it because he gets his info from Fox AND CNN.
– The Big Bear

I liked Scott Adams a lot better when he simply commented on the corpocracy with cartoons. This ridiculous social Nostradamus routine of his is both tedious and unconvincing. I mean, how impressed is anyone supposed to be that he predicted Trump was going to win before he predicted Trump was going to lose before he predicted Trump was going to win again?

SocialGalactic invites round 2

All the 6k+ invitations to SocialGalactic that were not either accepted or rejected are being sent out again today and tomorrow. If you still haven’t received one by the end of day tomorrow, please do not let us know or complain about this, as we are not responsible for managing your inbox or teaching you about the existence of your Spam, Junk, Social, and Promotions folders, just to name four places that people “who were not sent invites” have belatedly discovered their invitations. If you’re searching your inbox for the invite, look for “sg@”.

Please note that after tomorrow, sending me an email about how you haven’t received an invitation to SG2 will only result in your email going onto my black list and rendering it impossible for you to email me in the future.

Do not confuse customer support with education.

It’s not about the numbers

It’s about the quality of the engagement and the strength of the commitment.

One blogger who is on SocialGalactic recently commented that his 85 followers on SocialGalactic have made a much bigger impact on his blog traffic than his 500 followers on Gab. We’ve seen similar results vis-a-vis social media platforms ranging from Instagram and Twitter to Facebook and Amazon.

But then, Man has known this since the days of Gideon and Leonidas. Better 200 who will stand and fight than 20,000 who will run.