Even Christians Boom

The Boomers have learned absolutely nothing from their past mistakes. They are incapable of learning anything. The sooner the myopic, self-absorbed narcissists die off, the better chance Western civilization will have to survive in some form.

We had a church meeting to discuss the issue of the school growing beyond what our facilities can handle, and the mostly boomer congregation decided the best use of our 1.3m of funds would be to build a senior living center on church property. It’s beyond over

The Me generation lived solely for the Now. Instead of planting trees for future generations, they cut down the trees their predecessors had planted and destroyed the society they were given. And whether it is Covid vaccines or church schools, they continue to prioritize themselves instead of their grandchildren, which comes as little surprise to the children they similarly neglected in favor of their rapacious lotus-eating.

The best thing Generation X and the subsequent generations can do is learn from their catastrophic collective failure as a wicked generation and focus on the future rather than on the past or the present.