A New and Better Bookstore

Castalia House and Arkhaven Comics are extremely pleased to announce that a) the Arkhaven store will no longer sell Castalia House or Arkhaven print editions and b) the NDM Express store will be selling Castalia House and Arkhaven print editions, as well as merchandise related to everything from Arkhaven to Sigma Game.

NDM Express was already handling all of the shipping and customer relations for the print editions, so we decided that in the interests of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and allowing Castalia House to focus on what it does best as opposed to that which it barely manages to do at all, it would be to everyone’s benefit to move the sales operations to NDM. We also anticipate fewer of the problems with credit cards being rejected that have plagued the Arkhaven store.

Castalia will still be selling all leatherbound books through the Arkhaven store, so if you’re a Library, Libraria, or History subscriber, nothing changes at all. Individual editions of Library, Libraria, and History books can still be purchased there.

However, speaking of Castalia History, we’re pleased to also announce that the first LEGO ERGO SCIO t-shirts and hoodies are now available in black and navy blue at NDM, for those who aren’t ashamed to display their intellectual superiority in public.

Everything from Razorfist’s GHOST OF THE BADLANDS to THE JUNIOR CLASSICS VOLS 1-8 are already available at NDM Express, so please be sure to visit when you’re in the market for a book or comic.


You Got to Boost, Bro!

First, I would remiss if I didn’t mention that Cryptofashion now has VAXX TRAX shirts on offer, featuring both DEPOPULATION and LESS HUMAN THAN HUMAN variants.

But that’s not actually what this post is about. Because the point is: you’ve got to boost! By which, of course, I mean listen to the BOOSTER MIX version of Depopulation. Let’s just say that it is the sort of thing you might expect from the sort of people who listen to White Zombie and reach the conclusion: “you know, it’s not bad, but the one thing it really needs is MORE GUITAR!”

You’ve been tricked by a true deceiver
You’ve been tricked by someone who wants to see you dead
You’ve been tricked by a true believer
You’ve been tricked by the false god of this earth


Crypto.Fashion sale

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Crypto.Fashion is having a post-Thanksgiving sale this weekend. Everything, including Arkhaven and Dark Lord Designs, is 15-20 percent off.

Just imagine how happy your God-Emperor-hating sister-in-law will be to receive the ladies’ version of the Trumpslide 2020 shirt! And picture the beaming face of the SJW in your family when he discovers that he’s eligible for a free helicopter ride!

And then, there is my personal favorite, the Official SJWs Always Lie t-shirt in black.

New designs from Crypto.Fashion

Crypto.Fashion and Dark Lord Designs have FOUR new t-shirt designs for you. This one is my favorite of the four: AMERICANS Are Dreamers Too. So white and triggering!

Here are the others:

Also, thanks to everyone who signed up to check out Idka today. I’ll see you there! If you haven’t been approved yet, don’t worry, I’ll hit one more round before turning in.

Global Justice needs heroes!

The first Alt★Hero shirt is here! This one features a design that is very similar to the poster previously featured on Dangerous.

This one says, “The Struggle for Human EQUALITY and PROGRESS Needs Heroes Who Fight For GLOBAL JUSTICE”

Hey, we want to bring over all those Marvel and DC readers, right? Can’t hook them without bait.

Trigger time, part two

Given how much Gamma rage was inspired by the idea that fathers might protect their daughters, I can only imagine how much will result from the latest design from Crypto.Fashion and Dark Lord Designs. Also available in a short-sleeved v-neck. And yes, we changed out the rifle for variety’s sake.

If I had more time, I’d construct a Gamma Bingo game with call-outs for “mate-guarding”, “cuckold”, “insecure”, “cheating”, and “whore”, among others. Never mind that every man with an attractive wife is well aware of the death stare she reserves for idiots who don’t respect her wedding ring or recognize her initial signal to back the fuck off.