A New and Better Bookstore

Castalia House and Arkhaven Comics are extremely pleased to announce that a) the Arkhaven store will no longer sell Castalia House or Arkhaven print editions and b) the NDM Express store will be selling Castalia House and Arkhaven print editions, as well as merchandise related to everything from Arkhaven to Sigma Game.

NDM Express was already handling all of the shipping and customer relations for the print editions, so we decided that in the interests of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and allowing Castalia House to focus on what it does best as opposed to that which it barely manages to do at all, it would be to everyone’s benefit to move the sales operations to NDM. We also anticipate fewer of the problems with credit cards being rejected that have plagued the Arkhaven store.

Castalia will still be selling all leatherbound books through the Arkhaven store, so if you’re a Library, Libraria, or History subscriber, nothing changes at all. Individual editions of Library, Libraria, and History books can still be purchased there.

However, speaking of Castalia History, we’re pleased to also announce that the first LEGO ERGO SCIO t-shirts and hoodies are now available in black and navy blue at NDM, for those who aren’t ashamed to display their intellectual superiority in public.

Everything from Razorfist’s GHOST OF THE BADLANDS to THE JUNIOR CLASSICS VOLS 1-8 are already available at NDM Express, so please be sure to visit when you’re in the market for a book or comic.