Countdown to 2033

In the aftermath of the fake Trump trial, Martin Armstrong’s computer system predicts the fall of the USA in 8.6 years:

Our legal system is so corrupt and biased that the entire system should be scrapped and all judges simply fired. History is littered with corrupt judges like Merchan who always assume they are above the law like this ACTING judge and former prosecutor. In China, the historian Sima Qian provides us with a look at one of the most harsh bureaucrats of the Wudi reign, Du Zhou (? – 95BC), who argued that the old laws were then irrelevant and could be changed at the pleasure of the emperor. Zang Tang (? – 116BC) A judicial bureaucrat named Wno drafted the laws under Wudi regime and made treasonous thoughts (CONSPIRACY) punishable by death. When the regimes changed, he was eventually compelled to commit suicide as his view of the law led him to be the most hated among all of the ministers under Wudi regime.

Yet Merchan is perhaps closer to the minister Chao Cuo (? – 154BC) who was under the previous emperor Ching-ti (Liu Ch’i)(157-141BC), Chao Cuo earned the hatred of other ministers after he introduced 30 new laws. The outrage was so intense, he was dragged out and executed in his judicial robes in the town marketplace. There was far greater resistance toward changing the laws in China than what we see in NYC today. These incidents of publicly executing ministers who tried to make the laws even harsher, were not unique, but became far more common in China compared to the West.

Merchan has set in motion the decline and fall of the United States and curiously, it will be about 8.6 years from this even until we reach 2032. That was the time of judicial upheaval in China and it was just 8.6 years for the collapse of the Roman Monetary system from 260-268AD.

What they have set in motion is the decline and fall of the United States. There will not be enough police in New York City to protect it from collapse. Institutions are selling New York state and city debt. It will never be paid.

This may be another reason why the neocons have been successful in convincing the less-bloodthirsty clowns to pursue an unwinnable war against both Russia and China, while simultaneously supporting an Israeli war in the Middle East. In addition to time running out on the neocons’ ability to utilize a powerful foreign army for their own purposes, there is no way that the current US government can avoid the collapse of the global financial system it inherited from Great Britain and for which it provides the muscle required to keep the nations inside it.

War has long been a way of erasing debts and those to whom the debts are owed. And as Armstrong observes, cities, states, and the Federal government itself are far too deep underwater to ever recover.