Get the story straight, guys

Newsflash: “THE US said tonight that Iran was behind the “torpedo attack” on an American-linked oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman. Both the Front Altair and the Panama-flagged Kokuka Courageous – which was reportedly bombed – burst into flames and were forced to evacuate in the troubled region this morning.”Newsflash: ” An unexploded device, believed […]

ComicsGate history: 2VS edition

2VS is up to his usual antics again, this time on Captain Red Pill’s channel. You all already know my position on 2VS. He’s not an enemy, unlike our actual enemies he’s not out to destroy Western civilization, Christianity, or the European nations. That being said, he’s not a friend, and due to his intrinsic […]

The real story in France

It will probably not surprise anyone here to know that the globomedia is completely misrepresenting the Yellow Vest protests in Paris. This is a post by an American living in Paris about what is really going on with the gilets jaunes. It’s important to note that the majority of protestors are middle aged, these are […]

Star Citizen: now officially a scam

Derek Smart was right all along: YEAH, NO MORE REFUNDS. EVER.I am just going to jump right into this one, no preamble, no foreplay, nothing. If you put money into Star Citizen, and you didn’t apply for or get a refund before end of 2017 – congrats you’re now a statistic in a long con […]

Conspiracy history, not conspiracy theory

As more and more historical conspiracies come to light, the government guard dogs are set on those who have methodically exposed them: The more information we have about what governments and corporations are up to the less we seem to trust them. Will conspiracy theories eventually destroy democracy? What if I told you I had […]

Those who ignore history are destined to lose it

The barbarians are within the gates: Since the riots of November 2005, we know that the French government is not able to protect the French citizens. Instead of taking legal action against criminals, the government rewarded rioters. Today (march 22, 2006) we learn that this government has let 1,000 years of cultural and religious legacy […]

Who Deceives Wins

Even relatively recent history is fake and gay. The great hero of the SAS was a complete fictional construct: In 1942, a downtrodden Britain desperately needed a hero. The widespread respect – even grudgingly – enjoyed in Britain by charismatic General Erwin Rommel, the commander of Hitler’s Afrika Korps, was a source of particular frustration […]