Zero History In The West

The wicked global imperialists who have redefined everything from “America” and “Palestine” to “vaccine” and “immunity” have successfully zeroed out both Robert E. Lee and Winston Churchill:

VIRGINIA: Tempers were running high on Twitter as the towering statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee was torn down in Virginia on Wednesday, a year after plans to remove the monument were announced in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. The dispute over the fate of General Lee statue reached its climax early on Wednesday morning, when municipal workers turned up on Richmond’s historic Monument Avenue with a cherry-picker. Some 168 Confederate statues, monuments, and symbols were taken down in the US last year alone, with more removals planned in 2021.

LONDON: The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust removed pictures of the wartime leader from its website and is changing its name to the Churchill Fellowship. Trustees have agreed to change its name to the Churchill Fellowship and erase him from its website in a new ‘woke’ storm that has sparked fury towards Julia Weston, the charity’s £100,000-a-year chief executive. An official statement on the trust’s website last night said: ‘Today there is controversy about aspects of Sir Winston’s life. Many of his views on race are widely seen as unacceptable today, a view that we share’.

Meanwhile, countries like Afghanistan, Iran, China, and Russia are all strengthening their nations by rejecting the blandishments of the “heal the world, rule the world” global imperialists. At this point, Yemen is probably a better long-term bet than the United States of America.

To destroy a people, you must destroy their morale, their culture, and their history. And that is precisely what the judeochristians have successfully accomplished in the USA, with the blitheringly stupid support of far too many virtue-signaling evangelical Christians who don’t possess even a modicum of discernment or the ability to understand the concept of judging a tree by its fruit.