“Biggest sting op in US history”

It’s been revealed that investigating 2020 election fraud is part of John Durham’s mandate. If this thread by Paul Furber is accurate, the aftershocks of exposing the vote fraud may actually exceed my expectations in some regards:

“It’s been finally approved to disclose that John Durham’s scope investigation wasn’t limited to what occurred in the 2016 election but has occurred in 2020 election.” 

“This isn’t limited to investigators at the FBI/DOJ but Investigation of all IC agencies in criminal meddling and conspiracy to commit fraud. This includes past government officials and past politicians.” 

“There’s several contracted government companies and NGO’s included. The point was to not allow this to happen again to any future Presidential elections.” 

Anon: what happens next?

“Trap was set. Biggest sting op in US history.” 

Anon: post proof.

“Over 20K operators mostly military sworn in and deputized and undercover. Full FISA approval down to a janitors communication.” 

“The architect to this coop was actually hatched at very prestigious ivy league university (heavy IC ties) that will soon be in the news embroiled by funding by a foreign hostile country.

First clue!” 

“We have the source code for dominion software. Algo is designed to add, subtract and switch votes remotely and locally. Meta data is stored and purged but kept embedded in stick drives.” 

“Teams of 4-8 operators at every major polling location. Embedded cameras and fully recorded communications.”


“17 days before Trump gets sworn into office the biggest head will roll. Sound waves!” 

Will trump do a second term?

“100{3aedcb51dac2fbb83a885d32b07950f3050377138d02430f831f0a3ede84357a} yes. One major news network will fold because of it.” 

And some of you wonder why we do not despair? Look at Trump. Look at Biden. Who strikes you as more confident of what is to come? Is every aspect of this thread true? We don’t know, we simply can’t know yet, but the bit about FISA approvals makes it sound as if the poster knows what he’s talking about. Those approvals are what allow the NSA to conduct hop surveillance on people in a three-degrees-of-separation style.

This could be glorious. And for those who are afraid to hope, for those whose lower lips quiver at the increasingly remote possibility that this might be a trap constructed in order to embarrass them into expressing even a modicum of optimism, do try to keep in mind that one of the greatest things that Jesus Christ gives us is hope. And what could be more appropriate this Christmas season than that?

Hope is not bad. Hope is not weakness. Hope is not cope. To the contrary, hope is what gives us strength and fortitude. Hope is what generates morale, and morale is what wins wars and every other form of conflict that requires endurance. That’s why those who seek to defeat you always attempt to frighten you and destroy every last vestige of your ability to hope.

Hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

– Romans 5:5