The Hypocrisy of the Fake Nation-States

It’s both hilarious and hypocritical to see US and Canadian commentators complaining about actual Chinese athletes competing for their nation simply because those Chinese athletes happen to have been born outside of China:

The 18-year-old US-born Chinese skier Gu Ailing, also known as Eileen Gu, was, again, bashed by US media.

Fox News host Will Cain on Wednesday called Gu out as an “ungrateful” traitor. Cain argued that it is “shameful” for the young athlete to turn her back on the US, the country that allegedly raised and turned her into a world-class skier, in exchange for money.

This is not the first time some voices in the West are taking aim at naturalized Chinese athletes. China’s first naturalized track and field athlete, Nina Schultz, known as Zheng Ninali in China, decided to give up her Canadian citizenship in 2018. However, the young lady, who is of Chinese descent, was criticized by some in Canada for her supposed indifference to “human rights violations” in China.

The irony is that most Western nations are “represented” in the World Cup and a number of Olympic events by large quantities Africans, many of whom were not even born, and some of whom are not even resident, in the nations they supposedly represent.

Consider the “Belgian” soccer star Romelu Lukaku, who was born in Antwerp to Congolese parents. His father was an international who represented Zaire, and Lukaku has been living and working in England for most of the last decade.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are being represented by actual Chinese people, and this is somehow supposed to be controversial. As always, the inversion indicates the evil.