Tuesday Arktoons

STONETOSS Episode 59: I’m Gonna Say It

BEN GARRISON Episode 40: Australia Prison

VEGFOLK FABLES Episode 43: Only the Worst Will Serve

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: WAR Episode 36: From Dream to Nightmare

Arkhaven Comics is also very pleased to announce its support for bestselling mil-SF author Richard Fox’s new kickstarter for EMBER WAR: THE RUINS OF ANTHALAS. In addition to being released in a print editions, the comic, which features the illustrations of Oliver Borges, will be released on Arktoons. This is another way to support high-quality new content being developed for Arktoons. Borges is also the illustrator for Arkhaven’s forthcoming FARAWAY WARS comic.

An ancient holocaust holds the key to humanity’s survival.

Only a sliver of mankind survived the Xaros invasion. With Earth’s defenses in ashes, nothing can stop the aliens’ inevitable return. Hope arrives from a cryptic message from a long-lost alien race, promising the means to rebuild the shattered space fleet. Captain Valdar takes one of the last strike carriers, the Breitenfeld, and his shell-shocked crew on a desperate mission to the dead world.

Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only power that received the ancient message…