Congratulations, Mr. Favre

There’s almost no chance that Brett Favre won’t break Dan Marino’s record for most TD passes in a career in today’s game at the Metrodome, Vikings fans are merely hoping that he also breaks George Blanda’s record for most INTs in a career as well.

In both cases, it would be fitting. I remember seeing many a Favre interception in the Hump back when I had season tickets; I can still recall correctly calling his first interception in his first pass in the Pro Bowl before the ball was snapped. Hey, the NFC had the ball on the twenty yard line, the game doesn’t count, where else is he going to do but drill the ball into the end zone as hard as he can? As the Sports Guy points out, after 16 years, he’s not playing any differently, he’s not managing the game, he’s going out as a gunslinger and you have to respect that.

Although we’d all love to see an upset today – how typical that the line for a Vikes-Packers game should open at 1 even though the Pack is 3-0 and the Vikes are 1-2 – Vikings fans like and respect Favre and it won’t surprise me at all if they give him a standing ovation when he breaks Marino’s record. And they DEFINITELY will give him one if he manages to break Blanda’s.