Another Fake Election

This is one reason why I pay no attention to US electoral politics anymore. They’re more obviously fake than a Malaysian knock-off of a Louis Vuitton bag being sold on the streets of Paris. The media has now begun laying the groundwork for claiming, with a straight face, that the US electorate voted for the series of mask-wearing body doubles pretending to be Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is on course to narrowly win the American presidential election, according to a shock poll.

The US President is marginally ahead of Donald Trump in both the electoral college and the popular vote – but the campaign is ‘on a knife edge’, the survey found.

The polling suggests Mr Biden will win 287 electoral college votes to his predecessor’s 251 when the country votes later this year.

The survey by Stack Data Strategy, shared with the Mail, shows that Mr Biden is on track to win – despite Mr Trump being the bookies’ favourite.

It uses an MRP (multi-level regression and post-stratification) model which has been a more reliable predictor of election results in recent years.

We’ll see if they manage to get away with it again or not. But given how every Republican leader continues to “grow in office”, I find it difficult to believe that it makes any difference anyhow, given the probability that every election since JFK-Nixon has been “arranged” in some manner. The fate of Americans is now being determined in Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran, not in Washington DC, much less at the ballot box.