The Midwit Science

JF Gariepy demonstrates, yet again, that he is literally retarded. It’s not that I have no idea what I’m getting into when I flat-out deny evolution and state, unequivocally, that it is mathematically impossible given the genetic evidence, it’s that he is both innumerate and incapable of grasping the fundamental logical problem that the smarter evolution advocates are now beginning to realize has destroyed their entire field of pseudoscience.

In fairness, he’s not quite as retarded as Curt Doolittle. But then, few people demonstrate the Dunning-Kruger Effect more beautifully than Doolittle does with his relentless Gamma posturing.

You have to be pretty stupid to still cling to any belief in Neo-Darwinian evolution these days. I tried THREE TIMES to explain to JFG what the necessary and unavoidable implication of an average IQ among one subset of a population had for the remainder of the set, and he was still not able to understand it. Which is why he cannot grasp the fact that there is absolutely no way for evolution by natural selection to account for the observed delta of fixated mutations between one species and another.

To all the evolution deniers: you have no idea what you’re getting into when you say “maybe small adaptations but not changes of kind.”

Once you acknowledge adaptations, you acknowledge evolution. If you think a bird’s beak can change over a few generations then you’ll have to explain to me how billions of years of such changes does not lead to vastly different species.

Either you prove to me that the Earth is not billions of years old or I’ll consider you’ve accepted evolution. Even the creationist nuts of the 80s understood that, which is why they had to argue that the Earth was 7000 years old. Darwin understood that too.

Checkmate motherfuckers.

You don’t have to be stupid to still believe in evolution by natural selection in the light of genetic science, but it helps. Darwinian selection survived – barely – Mendelian genetics by virtue of what is now known as the Neo-Darwinian synthesis, but only because Mendelian genetics were insufficiently quantifiable to expose the obvious flaws in the Darwinian logic.

But now they are.

I’ve already pointed out the numbers before, so I’ll try to keep this very simple in the hopes that at least a few midwits might be able to grasp the logic.

  1. There is zero evidence of a mutation being fixated across a population in an amount of time that would permit the transition from one species to another species given the known genetic differences between the two. Zero. Not in the lab, not in the wild, not between one mammal and another mammal, not between one fish and another fish.
  2. Even the range of genetic differences between a single superspecies, such as homo sapiens, are too wide to be accounted for by the fastest-ever mutational fixation rate.
  3. If mutations were being fixated fast enough to fit within the time scales observed, we would be able to observe them fixating in real time as well as within recent archeological time.

For example, the oldest sequenced human DNA is 400,000 years old, which represents 20,000 human generations, or 4.44 percent of the temporal distance from the Chimpanzee-Human Last Common Ancestor. Given the estimated 15 million mutations that separate the CHLCA from modern humans, we would be able to observe 660,000 or so fixed mutations distinguishing that old DNA from all modern humans if the Neo-Darwinian theory of evolution by natural selection were correct.

Watching evolutionists trying to criticize my disproof of evolution is rather like watching a chimpanzee trying to work an abacus. They make a lot of noise, but they never actually manage to work out any of the necessary math.

But we don’t. So, obviously, it isn’t. The numbers don’t add up, the logic doesn’t hold, so theory of evolution by natural selection has been conclusively and comprehensibly falsified. If you still can’t see, accept, and understand that, you’re observably stupid.

They can produce all the epicycles and temporal extensions they want, and it will avail them nothing. They are so far off mathematically, by sufficient orders of magnitude, to render all of their efforts not so much quixotic as perverse.