Rah for the Orange and the Blue


That’s a direct quote from the White Buffalo, following Bucknell’s upset of Kansas. The boys will all be walking a little taller today. Next up, Wisconsin.

badger badger badger badger BISON BISON

UPDATE: Chad the Elder snorts in disbelief: Their basketball squad just got bounced by noted basketball powerhouse Bucknell. Buck-frickin’-nell?

Word ’em up, Elder-san. Buck-frickin’-nell. B-U (clap, clap) beat you (clap clap).

A few years ago, Space Bunny and I had Thanksgiving dinner with a pro basketball player and his wife. He played for Georgetown back when they were trouncing us in the first round of the tournament. He not only remembered the game, but was kind enough to say that the Bison had hung tough with them for the first twelve minutes. It’s good to see them finally pull one off at the Big Dance.