The boy hits a big one

Ben Shapiro grows out of Three Monkey Republicanism:

The time has come to do away with judicial review as a whole. The judicial branch has been politicized to such an extent that judges who fulfill Hamilton’s qualifications – judges who compare legislation to the actual Constitution – are dubbed conservative extremists, while judges who legislate from the bench are termed moderates. The system has become so thoroughly corrupt that the only choice left to us is a constitutional amendment ending judicial review of legislative acts.

“How can legislatures be trusted not to violate the Constitution, if there is no check upon them?” many will ask. The check will be the people themselves. If our elected lawmakers violate the Constitution, they will be answerable to us. This is not the case under our current system: Our judges are answerable to no one.

This is without a doubt young Mr. Shapiro’s best piece yet. I would only change one thing, which is to remind him that the federal judiciary actually is answerable to us. It’s called the Second Amendment.

When in the course of human events….