The Concepts of the Day

These two useful concepts, one a neologism, the other an aphorism, stem from the same SG thread, which may be of interest to those who have read, at a minimum, both Taleb and Gladwell, but which I will not cite here due to the inevitability of various tangents.

Syncreto-retardery: Relative cognitive incapacity. Syncreto-retardery should not be confused with literal retardery of the below-70 IQ variety, although it is worth noting in this quantified context that the midwit stands no closer to the VHIQ and UHIQ than the literal retard does to him. And let’s not even get started on the average…

VDDQ: “If you admire a man’s books, ignore his Twitter account.”

Very, very few men, myself included, find it easy to ignore the flattering requests for one’s opinion about a wide variety of subjects of which one knows nothing. I do my best to ignore these requests and I’m usually successful in doing so the first two or three times I’m asked. But it can be difficult to resist the temptation to at least say something that sounds more or less reasonable when faced with repeated requests for one’s thoughts on the issue du jour, even when those thoughts are nonexistent.

We wouldn’t think half so well of Aristotle or other great historical thinkers if a) they had social media accounts and b) we had access to them.



sheepoleth [ shee-puh-lith, ‐leth ]


  1. a peculiarity of unjustified belief that distinguishes a particular class or set of persons.
  2. a slogan or catchword that regurgitates the mainstream Narrative
  3. a common saying or belief with little current meaning or truth that is accepted by the average individual without skepticism, critical thought, or question.

“Early in life I have noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper, but in Spain, for the first time, I saw newspaper reports which did not bear any relation to the facts, not even the relationship which is implied in an ordinary lie. I saw great battles reported where there had been no fighting, and complete silence where hundreds of men had been killed. I saw troops who had fought bravely denounced as cowards and traitors, and others who had never seen a shot fired hailed as heroes of imaginary victories; and I saw newspapers in London retailing these lies and eager intellectuals building emotional superstructures over events that never happened. I saw, in fact, history being written not in terms of what happened but of what ought to have happened according to various ‘party lines.'”

-George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia


Number Six Video Essayist

Academic Agent lists and analyzes his top ten video essayists. He was gracious enough to include me on the list, and as high as number six, which is a nice surprise.

Next person on the list, and again this is somebody who’s still around but they tend not to do video essays anymore, they tend now to focus on doing streams, although this person’s streams are still typically solo and straight to camera so they are kind of essayish, but that is Vox Day. Now, again, he might not be to everybody’s cup of tea, but back in the day Vox Day made some of the best videos going, so let’s have a little watch of one of his…

You get the idea. So I did notice a lot of people kind of instinctively reacted against that. To me it’s just self-evidently true. It’s just obviously true. All of this stuff is clearly, self-evidently, observationally true, and all Vox has done is codified something that exists in the world. I mean, you all know this guy, you all know this guy and if you don’t know this guy, or if you’re instinctively reacting against it, you probably are that guy.

So in terms of why have I rated Vox, he has very clear way of articulating himself. He does have this kind of slow kind of speech pattern but he’s quite good at articulating exactly what a concept is, defining it well, I think Vox has some sort of background, whether it’s formal or informal, he has some sort of philosophy background. I seem to remember he certainly studied ancient rhetoric and so on, so he’s quite good at explaining his concept in a very clear way.

Vox has also got something that I think is an underrated skill, basically which is coining a phrase. I am actually very good at doing this, I have so many phrases, you know, back to Fresh Prince and Boomer Truth Regime, and you know, you all know my little slogans and phrases. Aon McIntyre is fantastic at this on Twitter as well, but Vox has also always been very good at coining a phrase, you know, day of the pillow is one of Vox Day’s, for example, and you know he’s got others as well, but his categories here in the psychosexual hierarchy are also a good example of it and you’ll casually see these terms used around the place so that is why I have ranked Vox Day.

The Deepest Lore, 25 Oct 2023

It’s always nice to see that one’s work is appreciated. I really need to somehow find the time to get back to doing more Voxiversities. One per month would probably be doable, assuming that one of my preferred producers have the time. Perhaps once I get a camera installed in the library, which is something I’m already planning to do, we can revive the concept in the new year.


Voxiversity 012: The Socio-Sexual Hierarchy: Gamma

The producer did a great job on this one in covering for my failure to provide him with usable video. I filmed it on the same day as the Alpha video, but didn’t bother to check the recording, so I didn’t realize that the camera’s autofocus completely ignored me and thereby rendered the entire video useless. But we had a solid audio track and the content was good, so we decided to go ahead and run with it anyhow. I will say, however, that despite the higher degree of difficulty involved, the ending is phenomenal.
This guy gets it, right down to the formatting. A comment on YouTube:

Listen, Vox. Let me make this as simple as possible for you and your audience. I’ll try to make it easy for you, but you have to understand where I’m coming from. Everywhere I go people tell me I’m smart. They look up to me. They respect me. I’m an authority on these things and I want you to know that. No one really believes that you’re leading this organization in the right direct. Ackchshually, I’m not going to tell you and your audience what needs to be done. I’m going to spare you colloquial diction and vernacular too. Do you realize what you just passed up? I told you in your comment section to listen to me. But you banned me. I was debate team champ in 10th grade. My teachers thought of me as the next great orator and thinker in Western civilization, “A Son of Cicero if there ever was one,” said my AP history teacher. It really doesn’t compute does it? Your obsequiousness to tedious childlike infantilisms really knows no bounds. You know what, Vox? I’m glad I ran into your operation on Vox Populi. It reminded me that I’ve outgrown you. Have a great day, chump.

Flawless execution. Truly well done. 

Voxiversity 011: The Socio-Sexual Hierarchy: Alpha

Voxiversity is back and on track with the 11th video, the second in the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy series, which addresses the topic of the Alpha rank and behavioral pattern. We have a new producer, hand-picked by the previous producer who I am pleased to observe is rapidly becoming too successful and important to make YouTube videos for me, and I think you will see that he made the right choice.

Our goal is to not only get back to the original goal of making two Voxiversity videos per month, but to make more than that, assuming that we can maintain the level of quality that has been established. Voxiversity 012 will address the Gamma and will be released a lot sooner than you probably expect.

Voxiversity 010: Rhetoric and Dialectic

Voxiversity 010: Rhetoric and Dialectic is a bit different than previous Voxiversities, as it was filmed live in Barcelona in front of the Foundation members, who chose the topic and were throwing me questions while we were filming in order to help me remember to hit some of the important aspects of the subject.

The live element definitely led to some minor issues, such as the wind interfering with the audio and me declaring incorrectly that Aristotle lived around 2400 BC. Just to be clear, the latter is NOT true, he lived about 2400 years ago. But these mistakes notwithstanding, viewers are already declaring this to be one of the best and most substantive Voxiversities of the ten to date.

As you can see from the video, we had a really good time at the Foundation meeting and there was considerable strategerizing. We expect to announce one of the chief outcomes of that meeting early in the new year.

This is why you just ignore them

I don’t bother arguing with women and gammas anymore, mostly because I have noticed that the participation of a second party is really not required for them to engage in a lengthy debate. All that is necessary is for them to notice something that triggers their emotions. This is the hilarious, but very informative response of one woman to the recent Voxiversity video.

FSP: I’m at the 12:54 mark and I have to kind of laugh (I mean I don’t mean to be mean & all) but YOU (I think you’re a man) but you’re talking about what a woman wants?  (oh, this is rich… I’m going to keep watching).  “Write her poems”?  Did you just say that?   It’s not that a man hasn’t written me a poem, but that’s what… this would take too long to explain to you. LOL

Now… would an “Omga” also produce a podcast (like this one)?  I’M JUST ASKING…  Now, you also said “do not put an attractive woman with an Alpha man” as of course, she can’t control herself she’s just gonna have to jump his bones!?   HA HA HA HA… shhhh okay I’ll be quiet & listen some more.  

You have put men in only 5 social standings.  They don’t grow or change, life situations don’t kind of play a part in changes in his life?  So, to you, a man that has 2 or more of these qualities is… either non-existent or what… an oddball?

Do you want my take on this?  You really don’t know people very deeply do you?  And, you don’t like people very much do you?  Just guessing.

VD:  “Do you want my take on this?” Not even a little bit.

DAVE: Ha-ha-ha, Vox so cruel. But I think this is a woman, right? Only another woman knows what a woman wants, right? Shouldn’t we ask for pics to verify her familiarity with Alpha men? I’m not really seeing any other evidence that leads me to believe she has any experience here.

FSP: Dear Dave, you think Voxster is “cruel”?  “Are you serious?  His response comes nowhere NEAR “cruel”.   It was a matter of fact for him (and totally predictable).  As for my experience with your so-called “Alpha” men.  You want a resume?  I think it would blow you away.  Pretty gets me in the door, but (as my sister calls me) tenaciousness can bring you to your knees.

No, I don’t use it much unless I have to.  Which is very seldom.  An “alpha” man as you like to believe in needs a good spanking from time to time.  AND those are the ones I do not like.  You see this guy Vox?  He’d LOVE a good spanking.  That’s how much of an “alpha” he is LOL, but you’d have to know men, as well as I do to understand that at all.  They talk a good game but honey… well, let’s just say their bark is worse than their bite.

My husband and my son are true “Alphas” however, they know when to use it and when it is very unwise to use it, especially in business and dealing with others.  Oh, and my daughter, well let’s just say she’s as sweet as pie until she’s not.  Yes, dear, we taught them early.

FSP: Of COURSE, you don’t want anyone’s “take” on anything. You’re terrified of any actual input that would correct your obvious errors.  I could be so cruel here, I feel like being cruel actually because I detest bullies and philistines such as yourself.

Your smug arrogance gave you away long ago.  Only lowbrow people of suspect character act the way you do.  Your “holier than thou” attitude smacks of lack of true character or empathy for your fellow man.  Your distaste for women is palpable, only overdone by your thinly veiled euphemisms towards men.

I bet children and puppies recoil at any wayward glance you would dully turn their way.  You want so desperately to be respected as some kind of know it all.  Instead, you are an aging bald man sitting in an old chair recovered in the cheapest of red velvet, surrounded by books you either haven’t read or God forbid speak of the darker side of mankind.

So, you would ask me (I’m so sure of your limited thought process)… why then do you bother to write or listen?  Reason 1: I like to listen to people I disagree with because we can learn from them.  Reason 2: Because sometimes people just have to tell an ass hat, when they ARE an ass hat.  You, sir, are an ass hat.

and no, I won’t be listening anymore you’re what is commonly called a total waste of time.

What I found chiefly noteworthy was the way the woman’s response is eerily similar to the way that an angry gamma responds when triggered, right down to the false avowal of disengagement. Whoever described the gamma as a female mindset in a male body definitely had it right.

I do wonder, however, what it was that happened to trigger her so.

Winestream: Foundation edition

We had an amazing time at the Voxiversity Foundation DinnerWeekend. There was considerable discussion, strategery, and analysis of both the IGG situation and the upcoming movie project intermingled with excellent food provided by a Spanish chef who skillfully reinvented everything from paella to the burger. The wines were phenomenal, ranging from the local Priorats to my favorite Ribiero del Duero, and at the request of one attendee, we even did a live Winestream sampling an Israeli cabernet. We also did a live Voxiversity on rhetoric and dialectic that will be out in November.

If you’d like to attend next year’s dinner, which we collectively decided will again be in Spain, consider becoming a Foundation backer. (Please note that the various subscriptions are MONTHLY.) I can’t speak for anyone else who was there, but the event was not only extremely enjoyable, it was incredibly productive.

Voxiversity Episode 008

The production team and I are pleased to announce Voxiversity Episode 008: WHY WESTERN CIVILIZATION NEEDS CHRISTIANITY, PART TWO.

The bestselling author of THE IRRATIONAL ATHEIST and ON THE EXISTENCE OF GODS explains why Christianity is an integral aspect of Western civilization, which cannot survive without it.

Thanks very much to all the Voxiversity and Darkstream backers who are making these videos possible. If you haven’t seen WHY WESTERN CIVILIZATION NEEDS CHRISTIANITY, PART ONE, you can do so here.

UPDATE: If you’d like to support Voxiversity and the Darkstream, you can do so through one of the options below. Please note these are all MONTHLY subscriptions.

Mailvox: “a very cringeworthy video”

This reaction to the recent Voxiversity video is a beautiful example of its kind. It really has to be read in full to be appreciated. Thanks to the more than 500 comments on the video, it has become abundantly clear that Jordan Peterson is little more than a short-term philosophical drug for life’s losers that makes them feel a little better about themselves for a while; they respond to criticism of him rather like a crackhead being denied a desperately-needed hit.
This is a very cringeworthy video. The editing is quite shocking, and totally distracts from any points you choose to make. Yes, some of his many fans are deluded and seeking leadership, and he is frequently obscure, however, he has more than proved himself worthy of his current position. It is simply not true to say his elevation has been born through adulation. He has been made in opposition to great criticism. A lesser person, you for instance, would have crumpled after a few months. He has balls. That’s the first thing. Next, for his simple referencing of Solzenhitsyn, Frankl and Dostoevsky to a new generation he is to be greatly commended. No, Aristotle and other greats are not mentioned, so fucking what? He was not writing a treatise on Western thought, just a string of ideas. Finally, his central message is very simple, namely life is hard if you live it and suffering is always present. This is a core idea of Christianity and Buddhism and exists because it is true. This is liberating to many who have been told that perfection is a goal, happiness is achievable and self worth is defined by how many bucket list items you tick off. He has simply reinstated a core experience of life and articulated in a way that people can understand. It has transformed people’s lives, whether you find him phoney or not. No one has managed to do this for about 70 years, no one. Therapists, gurus, and even traditions religion has failed in this, and it took an obscure professor from Canada to do this. You have been accused of jealously, and that accusation stands. The hatchet job here is quite pathetic, since you just pick away at trivia. I have stated clear arguments above, which demonstrate very simply that he has done a good thing, by introducing just a few core ideas (complexity of life, suffering, personal responsibility and the importance of the individual to the West). To criticise this is pure madness, and articulate as you are, your words are completely hollow. I suggest, without respect, you shut the fuck up, or actually comment on the positive contributions of this man over the last three years. I will now watch your channel and comment increasingly if I deem it fit. Some may read my thoughts. Some of us are sick of opinionated little clever shits, who do fuck all in the real world while assuming some sort of superiority in the digital. Ultimately it has no meaning. Peterson has let it all hang out, he has demonstrated integrity and seeks the good. He is not perfect, will be ephemeral, and will be followed by some sheep. However, give the man his due. You are jealous, and it is a very unpleasant character trait. I gained nothing from this video, accept the urge to come around your house and smash your fucking PC up. Now be a good chap, go and have a wank and take your hot chocolate.