Voxiversity 010: Rhetoric and Dialectic

Voxiversity 010: Rhetoric and Dialectic is a bit different than previous Voxiversities, as it was filmed live in Barcelona in front of the Foundation members, who chose the topic and were throwing me questions while we were filming in order to help me remember to hit some of the important aspects of the subject.

The live element definitely led to some minor issues, such as the wind interfering with the audio and me declaring incorrectly that Aristotle lived around 2400 BC. Just to be clear, the latter is NOT true, he lived about 2400 years ago. But these mistakes notwithstanding, viewers are already declaring this to be one of the best and most substantive Voxiversities of the ten to date.

As you can see from the video, we had a really good time at the Foundation meeting and there was considerable strategerizing. We expect to announce one of the chief outcomes of that meeting early in the new year.