Voxiversity 005: a review

From a review posted on Idka:

I just watched the latest Voxiversity video. I had to wait, because I’m thinking about faith and epistemology for a blog post right now, and I find Vox persuasive, so I wanted to clarify my own thoughts before watching. That just took longer than planned.

Production-wise, it looks good, and the pacing works well. There is a nice balance between substantive points and visual quick-hitters, which is essential for the medium. Rhetorically, it is effective. The social transformation of Europe is superbly presented and the rape bit is a kill shot. The Christian ethics/falsification connection is less persuasive relatively, but seems more in need of fleshing out than off track, and it’s close is thought provoking.  A little of Eco’s The Open Work, to leave them engaged, perhaps. Overall, you can see the whole team growing into the format.

The delivery has been discussed on the blog, and I have a couple of observations. There is no perfect “voice” – it is a matter of showcasing strengths and mitigating limitations. Vox has a calm, measured tone that is excellent for presenting “hard” truths with matter-of-fact clarity. He also comes off as down to earth. Both of these qualities are working here. The editing adds the rhetorical punch, and an associate watching along pointed out that the low music is really effective on two levels. It keeps an elevated emotional engagement while subtly demonstrating the supremacy of Western culture. I concurred with that.

tl;dr – excellent addition to a project with huge upside. I hope these keep coming.

They will not only keep coming, but I expect an order of magnitude improvement in the visual quality when I am on camera in 007, which will be the second part of the Western Civilization and Christianity piece. We’re doing a shorter piece that is primarily graphical next for 006.

It’s important to keep in mind that what the producer and I are doing is new to both of us, so we’re not only figuring what we can and cannot do given our various limitations, we’re also experimenting with what approaches are effective and what is not.

Video update

There have been a few recent developments in the Voxiversity department:

  • The new camera has been released and I have ordered it. Voxiversity Episode Six should show a distinct improvement in video quality.
  • The March video of the month will be released on Tuesday. Episode Five is part 1 of 2 on Christianity and Western Civilization. It will hit on at least one point that should prove at least somewhat surprising.
  • YouTube has now removed Episode One: Immigration and War from the Voxiversity channel. They initially restricted it, but as thousands of people were continuing to watch it despite the restrictions, they finally resorted to removing it from the channel listing.
  • Even without the deleted video and not counting Facebook, Voxiversity has recorded 46,985 views, for an average of 11,746 views per video. This is but a small fraction of the average views that Jordan Peterson’s (230k) and Stefan Molyneux’s videos (112k) currently receive, but it is a respectable start considering that I have only 1,372 subscribers compared to their 1,018,963 and 766,557, respectively. These things take time and persistence.
  • The annual Foundation event will be in Spain this year.
  • Now that I am on track with Voxiversity, I will resume doing Periscopes on a regular basis. Since I’m not on Twitter, it’s a good idea to subscribe on Periscope if you want to receive alerts.

I am reliably informed that the backers are pleased with the start of Voxiversity even though we haven’t fully hit our stride yet. My goal is for the videos to be averaging 25,000 views by the end of 2018 and 85,000 by the end of 2019. If you’d like to be a part of that, please subscribe to the Bitchute channel or consider becoming a backer.

Speaking of video, I’m very pleased to announce that Castalia House has released Chuck Dixon’s zombie novel, Gomers, in audio. Narrated by Jon Mollison, it is 6 hours and 33 minutes long. You can listen to the first hour of it via YouTube.

Multiculturalism and ethnocide

Faith Goldy is out on her own now and she’s not pulling any punches.

Speaking of videos, we won’t have the first Voxiversity video out before the end of November, but we will have at least two out in December, the first on Immigration and War. You’ll understand what’s going on when we make our next book announcement and why my immediate priorities had to be adjusted a bit as a result.

Steve Keen, sell-out

Professor Steve Keen, possibly the greatest economist of our time and Castalia House author-to-be, admits that he is a sold-out member of no less than FOUR grand conspiracies:

How I sold out to the Putin-Soros-Murdoch conspiracy to destroy Western civilization

I was delighted to find myself in the Top Ten (alright; top 15) of the European Values list of 2,326 “Useful Idiots” appearing regularly on RT shows, and thus legitimizing Vladimir Putin’s attempt to destroy Western civilization as we know it.
Why delighted? Because it completes the set of conspiracies to which I can now be accused of belonging. They include:

• The Putin Conspiracy, since I am regularly interviewed on Russia Today (and even worse, I now get paid to write for RT!);

• The Soros Conspiracy, since my research, has been funded by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) which he established;

• The Murdoch Conspiracy, since I appear every week on Sky News Australia with Carson Scott, and I used to get paid by News Ltd to write a weekly column; and

• The Alt-Right Conspiracy, since I’ve signed a book contract with Vox Day’s publishing firm Castalia House.

I can confirm the latter. We have the privilege to be publishing what Steve describes as his “magnum opus”, a work that I have reason to believe may prove not only significant, but utterly revolutionary. As for the others, I fear we shall have to settle for taking his word on them. Speaking of economics, it might interest you to hear that I am writing a piece addressing free trade and nationalism for a first-rate anthology that will appear next year from another publisher.

I will be doing a Voxiversity variant of it for our third video, after #001 Immigration and War and #002 Comics and Culture War.

But back to Steve:

So not only am I a “useful idiot,” I’m a useful idiot for four contradictory conspiracies. Does that make me a double-double agent?

No, it makes me someone who’s quadruple pissed off with people who attempt to understand the world from the perspective of conspiracy theories in the first place. I don’t deny the existence of conspiracies: in fact, far from it, because they’re everywhere. What I do deny is the implicit assumption that the conspirators understand the system they’re attempting to manipulate.

For example, I’ve heard plenty of conspiracy theorists assert that the 2008 financial crisis was caused by the Federal Reserve/George Soros (Hi George!)/Hedge Funds/Academic-Economists-Who-Peddle-The-Efficient-Markets-Hypothesis, and “they” profited from it.

This implies “they” knew what “they” were doing. Pardon me, but I’ve met many of these protagonists—and in the case of academic economists, I’ve worked with them for 30 years. “They” don’t have a clue (except George). Even those that were actively conspiring—like many hedge funds during the subprime bubble were doing so on the basis of utterly deluded theories about how the system they were trying to game actually worked. Where apparent conspiracies did work, like Soros’s punt against the British Pound decades ago, they did so because a CSP (Clever Sinister Person) bet against the conventional wisdom of others who thought they understood the system (and did not), rather than because the CSP set up the whole thing in the first place.

I used to work out with a guy running a very large global corporation. And by large, I mean annual turnover measured in the billions. He disabused me of any notion that the central bankers were smart; after returning from one meeting with the Bank of England’s Court of Directors, he said something about hoping the directors were somebody’s puppets, because if those bozos were actually running anything, the global economy was doomed.

Voxiversity update

First, I would like to thank all 213 Voxiversity backers. While most of the attention has been focused on Alt★Hero the last few days, you can rest assured that neither the producer nor I have forgotten about the project. If you are one of the 108 backers who provided an email, you will have already received the promised copy of SJWAL plus a bonus ebook this morning.

I suspect there has been some reluctance to provide Freestartr with a “public email”, so I will talk to them today about how we can handle it so that the creators are provided access to the emails but the public is not. I will send out the rest of the SJWAL copies as well as the promised Collected Columns after talking to Freestartr today, assuming I’m able to get access to the 105 missing emails.

Second, the initial microphone test has proved successful and I will test it in proper recording mode tonight. I have the necessary light, now I am waiting on the light stand to begin filming. I have already begun work on the first lecture, IMMIGRATION AND WAR, and we expect to release the first video before the end of the month. We will, of course, pick up the pace of video releases as we proceed.

If you would like to support Voxiversity, you can do so here.

Voxiversity update

First of all, thanks very much to everyone who is backing Voxiversity. It is much appreciated and we are genuinely stoked about what you have made possible.

Second, I am still in the process of acquiring the required equipment, which is not quite as accessible here as one might like it to be. I have the Lavalier microphone, which works well, but I need a little adapter in order to get the better quality that will entail from going through the FocusRite amplifier I already have instead of going directly into the PC’s mic-in input. The light is ordered and is en route, but we’re still trying to find a place that can provide the stand and diffusor.

None of this is a pressing problem, however, as my producer is presently occupied with finishing the video for Alt⭐️Hero, which I can already testify is awesome and more Professional Comics in appearance than I was expecting. Note to self: we’re going to need a Castalia House Comics logo. Or is that Castalia Comics? We’ll figure it out later. While we’re getting set up for Voxiversity 001: Immigration and War, he’s going to release a few more one-minute trailers akin to Know Thyself, in part because they’ve proven to be popular, but also because it is an ideal way for us to experiment with different ideas before getting in too deep to something that doesn’t work.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to do Darkstreams, including tonight’s on the NFL protests, and I’ll also be doing an interview with Cernovich Media tomorrow on the subject. But mostly, I’ll be finishing SJWADD, which comes out in 15 days. Once that is out, I’ll be focusing on Voxiversity and on getting the extended edition of A Sea of Skulls out in time for Christmas. I can also promise that we will be completing Jerry Pournelle’s There Will Be War series this year, with Volumes VII and VIII being released this fall.

A taste of the bass

While we’re in the process of acquiring the required equipment, the Voxiversity team has been experimenting with some of the different concepts we are planning to apply to the videos we will be producing. Here is a brief sample of one such experiment, entitled Know Thyself, which utilizes the audio from my debate with Greg Johnson.

We will obviously be utilizing higher quality audio than the mic of my gaming headset, and I think we will also bring in some new fonts, preferably some of those regularly used by Castalia House on its covers for some cross-media unity of style. But this should give you some idea of the sort of thing we’ll be doing to bring the concepts to life and make them memorable beyond my simple articulation of them.

If you’d like to assist these efforts and support Voxiversity, you can do so at Freestartr.

And I would be remiss if I failed to note that, somewhat to my surprise, the backers have overwhelmingly selected Immigration & War as the first Voxiversity video.

Voxiversity video 001

This weekend, the Voxiversity backers will be selecting the very first Video of the Month, which will also be the first video we will release. The three subjects that are being considered are as follows:

  • The SJW Attack Sequence
  • Religion Does Not Cause War
  • Immigration = War

We will normally have at least five options, but we want to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible for this first video. If you’re interested in having a say in the matter, or if you’re interested in helping us produce these videos, consider joining the 136 146 current Voxiversitans supporting Voxiversity.


To support Voxiversity, please visit the Voxiversity project at the new crowdfunding site, Freestartr, which combines the functionality of Kickstarter, Patreon, and Indiegogo, but without the SJW thought-policing. There are six levels of support, each of which comes with different rewards.

  • Subscriber
  • Supporter
  • Advocate
  • Champion
  • Brainstorm
  • Foundation

Voxiversity is a series of educational video lectures by bestselling political philosopher Vox Day.

Castalia House reaches tens of thousands of people through the medium of books. The ideas first presented in books such as SJWs Always Lie, 4th Generation Warfare Handbook, and The Irrational Atheist have penetrated even those institutions most converged by social justice, such as academia and the media.. But Castalia’s reach is limited to an audience of people who enjoy reading books.

Video offers the ability to reach millions of people in a very short period of time. But the distribution of video is entirely different than book-selling, as most people who watch videos expect to do so for free. Video production is also more expensive, and the combination of those two factors is why it is necessary to crowdfund the production of videos containing the same kind of viral information that one so often encounters in Castalia’s non-fiction books.

The videos will be 20-minutes long, and subjects that require more detailed analysis will be addressed by multi-video series. The videos will also be released as podcasts for those who prefer audio to video.

Voxiversity will change the way people think.

UPDATE: Thanks very much for the staunch support. Our objective is to exceed expectations. In the meantime, I think this was the most amusing reaction.

I suspect that your success will be proportional to your ability to restrain yourself from telling people how much more intelligent you are then them when you fail to explain something clearly. Having said that…I wish you the best of luck ?