The first to surrender

You’re not seeing many of their comments thanks to the mods, but the following trolls, shills, and blackpillers are happily posting about how quick they were to give up on President Trump and how they were the first to surrender and embrace the Biden administration. They are not us. None of them will ever be permitted to post here or participate in any of our projects in the future. No doubt we’ll be adding more as the day goes on.

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I never want anything to do with any player who gives up and stops playing before the final whistle blows. And I will not permit any such player on my team. If you want to quit, that’s fine. If you never want to read this blog again, that’s wonderful. 

Of course, since they’re almost uniformly Gammas, most of them are still trying to comment here. Some are even trying to backtrack and explain that they weren’t really blackpilling. No. Just shut up and go away. What part of “no one wants you here” is hard to understand?

Some examples of their attempted contributions to the discourse:

  • I guess Vox will just move on an ignore his huge error and failure here. Just as he did when he made an utter fool of himself trying to disprove the theory of evolution to JP Garlepy. Note that Vox merely rehashed creationist pseudoscience and presented it as his own thinking in that session.
  • I look forward to your blog views to begin “skyrocketing downwards” as your Big Orange Daddy says.
  • I beg you, after seventeen years, don’t jump off this cliff. You’re not a boomer, you don’t need to commit intellectual suicide. No one is ever going to listen to you again, except boomers.
  • What is wrong with you, Vox. These guys look to you for rational analysis and commentary and all you give them is false hope based on nothing. You’ve been wrong all along the way for weeks now. Yet you keep it up. Don’t keep fooling these people. Tell the the truth.
  • A bunch of NG drafted in from mainly blue states is not part of some Trump 11th hour storm you clowns. It’s over, Trump is a civnat boomer with a gonzo mouth and some comic timing.
  • Vox Day=qtard bullshit artist of the highest magnitude.

Why moderation is a must

I used to regret having the need to utilize moderation, but now that the shills have been professionalized and weaponized, it’s clear that it’s an absolute necessity. This is also why those who are detected in lies and misrepresentations, like “Vaughan Williams” yesterday, are now banned after first exposure:

People have no idea what kinds of opinion-molding operations are being run with the literally hundreds of millions of dollars spent by left-wing billionaires each year on controlling the online right. And compared to the Cabal of special interests, and big profit companies, and the Political establishment, they are small fries. Put a few hundred million into a boiler-room operation targeting simple online forums, and you can move the perceptions of millions of people with a very small foot print.

Before we get to the weaponry, first we will look at the operation it is facing. I have noticed this operation on Free Republic. Years back, when it was more organic and less of a political target of the left, Free Republic attracted the same types of people together, and it was overwhelmingly pro-Law Enforcement simply because Conservatives tend to think like cops, and view cops as being on the same team in terms of making America great.

Now a cop thread pops up and 70-80{e61d147451bc60549e96d95b5c07be35845e0345eab7ed5d54cc3d49f812ab5c} of some threads are all attacking not just Police, but attacking the other posters who like cops, trying to shut them up. If I was in a small town, where all cops were corrupt somewhere, and I assumed all cops were like that, and I had come to hate cops because of it, and then I went on Free Republic, I’d be explaining to other people why I felt that way. But these posters come on and immediately begin calling other people boot-lickers, ass-kissers, and so on, and their attacks are more on the posters than even the cops.

After watching this for the last few years, and seeing these attacks go hyper personal even from the beginning, I realized they are trying to drive the normal type of Freeper off the site, and make them feel under siege and unwelcome. They are trying to make them feel as if the site is not their type of site, more than they are trying to promote an idea or win an argument. I will bet, on left-wing, anti-cop forums somewhere else are shills attacking the poster over their lack of patriotism and courage, to drive them off the forum. Notice above in Lembrador’s quotes, how they brag that they have created forums where all that are on them are their avatars. The reason all that are there are their avatars is not just becasue they kept adding avatars. It is because they also successfully drove off the honest, uncontrolled posters. They are very sharp psychologically, and know how to make other people feel miserable, and feel under siege….

That made me realize, most people on those sites will not comment – they are lurkers taking in information. Those who honestly want to comment are relative rarities. And of the normal legit posters, most get distracted on slide threads composed by the operators to generate an emotional response and draw off their posting energy on a pointless topic.

This is why you are not allowed, to use a #GG term, to touch the poop. Respond to a shill and your comment will be deleted too. Keep it up and you’ll be banned. Say what you think, speak the truth, and avoid the temptation to play Comment Police and you’ll be fine. Try to blackpill or concern-troll and you’ll be gone before your third comment.

Also, all Unknown comments will now be deleted. Deal.

Go away and stay away

In case you’re wondering why Nate Winchester is now banned from commenting here.

Is there any benefit of the doubt or charitable interpretation I can extend to your words, which you have extended to Peterson’s? This isn’t even rhetorical. I haven’t had the time to go over everything you have written in detail so I would not be surprised if there is a passage where you extend him charity. Only on my initial impression does it strike me that by the exacting standard you condemn Peterson, do you also stand condemned. Note also that this is my principle issue with Vox Day as by the standards he applies to Peterson, Vox then is every bit the liar, narcissist, and cultist that Peterson is – more so even.

What an utterly ridiculous statement. There is absolutely no charitable reading of Jordan Peterson that allows one to consider him anything but what he is, a liar, a globalist, and a practicing occultist. Nor does one require an “exacting standard” to condemn his vast panoply of lies, bait-and-switches, redefinitions, false postures, and deceptions. As for the idea that I am even more of a liar than Jordan Peterson, Fake Nate might as reasonably have claimed that I have been prescribed even more SSRI’s than Peterson or dreamed more regularly about cannibalizing my extended family.

I neither need nor want shameless snakes like this around here. And I neither request or require any charity in reading what I have written. If any of you genuinely believe that I am a habitual liar, then by all means, just go away and stay away. Why would you ever want to read someone who lies to you on a regular basis in the first place?

How to not get banned here

Dire Badger kindly provides newcomers with a useful basic guide to commenting at Vox Popoli without getting publicly mocked and banned:

  1. It’s not about Vox Day. If you make it about him, you get banned.
  2. You cannot talk crap about VD unless it’s actually true. And relevant to the conversation at hand. And it ‘seems’ like VD revels in being called stuff like ‘arrogant’ and ‘uncompromising’.
  3. When he tells you the topic is over, shut up about it. Don’t try to get the last word, because the last word has already been spoken… and usually, when he says shut up about it, the rest of the board stops following the conversation… so getting the last word is pointless anyway, since mostly no one is going to read it.
  4. It’s not about you. Personal anecdotes to illustrate a point is one thing, as long as it is a a valid illustration… but “not all _ are like that” with a personal anecdote that shows a statistical outlier just makes you look like a stupid troll with nothing of value to add… and people with no value are likely to get banned since it really won’t hurt anything.
  5. Figure out your sociosexual hierarchy position, your personality profile, or any other shit like that yourself. No one wants to answer your ‘what am I?’ question. This is not a facebook personality quiz stream.
  6. Figure out what people here are like. You can disagree, but if you voice a disagreement that has been covered a million times, you are going to get hazed. Don’t post a million times countering a million arguments, and especially don’t respond to every single insult because you said something most people here think is stupid. That’s spamming. (see the last word comment)
  7. Cussing should be sparing. This is not HALO. Talking trash just for the sake of talking trash will get you banned as fast as making it all about VD.
  8. When someone asks you a direct question without qualifiers, answer it. Even if the answer is “I don’t know”, or “I googled it but my search Fu was weak, I will find it later.” if they ask you a question that starts with ‘considering that…’ or adds a weird goalpost-shifting frame like “Answer in a Haiku” or “Without using examples or Allegories…” feel free to answer or tell them to kiss your butt.
  9. Statements of known fact are okay. Patronizing statements sharing your secret king wisdom “Because you all need to know this” will get you mocked and banned, especially if you never bothered to notice that there was an article about that very thing less than two days earlier. I suggest lurking for at least a month before making your first post, so you can figure out what kinds of people are here, and maybe even learn a thing or two before you open your mouth.
  10. DO NOT GET DEFENSIVE! When you are wrong, admit it. Being able to learn from your mistakes is vastly more important (and more respect-worthy) than ‘winning’ an argument in the thread… mostly when you ‘win’ it’s because people have just gotten bored with arguing with you. That doesn’t mean apologize. Men only apologize when their actions have inadvertently harmed others. If you go off on a tirade and insult someone and find out later that you were wrong, an apology is cool, but don’t apologize for being wrong. Just admit it, fix it if you can, and move on.
I would add that this blog has been here for 15 years. Readers, moderators, and blogger alike, we know what we’re doing. VP was here before you. VP will be here after you. And the better you understand that VP simply does not need you or your comments, the more likely it is that your comments will be valued by the other readers.

No gammas

Okrane S. is now banned from commenting here.

Okrane S. August 04, 2018 7:50 AM
You seem weak and angry. Are these some of those nice Christian values you preach?

I neither know nor care who is the target of this comment, but this is exactly the sort of passive-aggressive gamma bullshit that is no longer tolerated here. If you’re an emotionally incontinent gamma male, just don’t try to comment here. It’s not going to go well for you and you will end up being banned sooner or later.

Read and learn, or read and go away and snark about it somewhere else, but either way, your comments are neither wanted nor permitted here.

Pennywise banned

The commenter Pennywise has been banned for being caught lying on more than one occasion. Do not respond to her under that or any other name, as the moderators will spam any comments she attempts to make in the future.

UPDATE: Jason Yungbluth is also banned, under his various names including Vox Diabolus and Death Ray, also for repeated lying.