Why moderation is a must

I used to regret having the need to utilize moderation, but now that the shills have been professionalized and weaponized, it’s clear that it’s an absolute necessity. This is also why those who are detected in lies and misrepresentations, like “Vaughan Williams” yesterday, are now banned after first exposure:

People have no idea what kinds of opinion-molding operations are being run with the literally hundreds of millions of dollars spent by left-wing billionaires each year on controlling the online right. And compared to the Cabal of special interests, and big profit companies, and the Political establishment, they are small fries. Put a few hundred million into a boiler-room operation targeting simple online forums, and you can move the perceptions of millions of people with a very small foot print.

Before we get to the weaponry, first we will look at the operation it is facing. I have noticed this operation on Free Republic. Years back, when it was more organic and less of a political target of the left, Free Republic attracted the same types of people together, and it was overwhelmingly pro-Law Enforcement simply because Conservatives tend to think like cops, and view cops as being on the same team in terms of making America great.

Now a cop thread pops up and 70-80{e61d147451bc60549e96d95b5c07be35845e0345eab7ed5d54cc3d49f812ab5c} of some threads are all attacking not just Police, but attacking the other posters who like cops, trying to shut them up. If I was in a small town, where all cops were corrupt somewhere, and I assumed all cops were like that, and I had come to hate cops because of it, and then I went on Free Republic, I’d be explaining to other people why I felt that way. But these posters come on and immediately begin calling other people boot-lickers, ass-kissers, and so on, and their attacks are more on the posters than even the cops.

After watching this for the last few years, and seeing these attacks go hyper personal even from the beginning, I realized they are trying to drive the normal type of Freeper off the site, and make them feel under siege and unwelcome. They are trying to make them feel as if the site is not their type of site, more than they are trying to promote an idea or win an argument. I will bet, on left-wing, anti-cop forums somewhere else are shills attacking the poster over their lack of patriotism and courage, to drive them off the forum. Notice above in Lembrador’s quotes, how they brag that they have created forums where all that are on them are their avatars. The reason all that are there are their avatars is not just becasue they kept adding avatars. It is because they also successfully drove off the honest, uncontrolled posters. They are very sharp psychologically, and know how to make other people feel miserable, and feel under siege….

That made me realize, most people on those sites will not comment – they are lurkers taking in information. Those who honestly want to comment are relative rarities. And of the normal legit posters, most get distracted on slide threads composed by the operators to generate an emotional response and draw off their posting energy on a pointless topic.

This is why you are not allowed, to use a #GG term, to touch the poop. Respond to a shill and your comment will be deleted too. Keep it up and you’ll be banned. Say what you think, speak the truth, and avoid the temptation to play Comment Police and you’ll be fine. Try to blackpill or concern-troll and you’ll be gone before your third comment.

Also, all Unknown comments will now be deleted. Deal.