How to not get banned here

Dire Badger kindly provides newcomers with a useful basic guide to commenting at Vox Popoli without getting publicly mocked and banned:

  1. It’s not about Vox Day. If you make it about him, you get banned.
  2. You cannot talk crap about VD unless it’s actually true. And relevant to the conversation at hand. And it ‘seems’ like VD revels in being called stuff like ‘arrogant’ and ‘uncompromising’.
  3. When he tells you the topic is over, shut up about it. Don’t try to get the last word, because the last word has already been spoken… and usually, when he says shut up about it, the rest of the board stops following the conversation… so getting the last word is pointless anyway, since mostly no one is going to read it.
  4. It’s not about you. Personal anecdotes to illustrate a point is one thing, as long as it is a a valid illustration… but “not all _ are like that” with a personal anecdote that shows a statistical outlier just makes you look like a stupid troll with nothing of value to add… and people with no value are likely to get banned since it really won’t hurt anything.
  5. Figure out your sociosexual hierarchy position, your personality profile, or any other shit like that yourself. No one wants to answer your ‘what am I?’ question. This is not a facebook personality quiz stream.
  6. Figure out what people here are like. You can disagree, but if you voice a disagreement that has been covered a million times, you are going to get hazed. Don’t post a million times countering a million arguments, and especially don’t respond to every single insult because you said something most people here think is stupid. That’s spamming. (see the last word comment)
  7. Cussing should be sparing. This is not HALO. Talking trash just for the sake of talking trash will get you banned as fast as making it all about VD.
  8. When someone asks you a direct question without qualifiers, answer it. Even if the answer is “I don’t know”, or “I googled it but my search Fu was weak, I will find it later.” if they ask you a question that starts with ‘considering that…’ or adds a weird goalpost-shifting frame like “Answer in a Haiku” or “Without using examples or Allegories…” feel free to answer or tell them to kiss your butt.
  9. Statements of known fact are okay. Patronizing statements sharing your secret king wisdom “Because you all need to know this” will get you mocked and banned, especially if you never bothered to notice that there was an article about that very thing less than two days earlier. I suggest lurking for at least a month before making your first post, so you can figure out what kinds of people are here, and maybe even learn a thing or two before you open your mouth.
  10. DO NOT GET DEFENSIVE! When you are wrong, admit it. Being able to learn from your mistakes is vastly more important (and more respect-worthy) than ‘winning’ an argument in the thread… mostly when you ‘win’ it’s because people have just gotten bored with arguing with you. That doesn’t mean apologize. Men only apologize when their actions have inadvertently harmed others. If you go off on a tirade and insult someone and find out later that you were wrong, an apology is cool, but don’t apologize for being wrong. Just admit it, fix it if you can, and move on.
I would add that this blog has been here for 15 years. Readers, moderators, and blogger alike, we know what we’re doing. VP was here before you. VP will be here after you. And the better you understand that VP simply does not need you or your comments, the more likely it is that your comments will be valued by the other readers.