The first to surrender

You’re not seeing many of their comments thanks to the mods, but the following trolls, shills, and blackpillers are happily posting about how quick they were to give up on President Trump and how they were the first to surrender and embrace the Biden administration. They are not us. None of them will ever be permitted to post here or participate in any of our projects in the future. No doubt we’ll be adding more as the day goes on.

  • catchthefox
  • Haxo Angmark
  • Andrisf
  • GKK
  • Mihai Nichita
  • Robert What?
  • stats
  • Tom
  • meee
  • Thad Tuiol
  • Beto
  • breckmac
  • Ace
  • Jack Tanner
  • BDZ
  • John Zena
  • Nux
  • My IQ is Higher
  • Newscaper312
  • BigSavageDaddy
  • Vl
  • His Child
  • Tom
  • KitKat911
  • Duke Nukem
  • Goebbels
  • Yossarian

I never want anything to do with any player who gives up and stops playing before the final whistle blows. And I will not permit any such player on my team. If you want to quit, that’s fine. If you never want to read this blog again, that’s wonderful. 

Of course, since they’re almost uniformly Gammas, most of them are still trying to comment here. Some are even trying to backtrack and explain that they weren’t really blackpilling. No. Just shut up and go away. What part of “no one wants you here” is hard to understand?

Some examples of their attempted contributions to the discourse:

  • I guess Vox will just move on an ignore his huge error and failure here. Just as he did when he made an utter fool of himself trying to disprove the theory of evolution to JP Garlepy. Note that Vox merely rehashed creationist pseudoscience and presented it as his own thinking in that session.
  • I look forward to your blog views to begin “skyrocketing downwards” as your Big Orange Daddy says.
  • I beg you, after seventeen years, don’t jump off this cliff. You’re not a boomer, you don’t need to commit intellectual suicide. No one is ever going to listen to you again, except boomers.
  • What is wrong with you, Vox. These guys look to you for rational analysis and commentary and all you give them is false hope based on nothing. You’ve been wrong all along the way for weeks now. Yet you keep it up. Don’t keep fooling these people. Tell the the truth.
  • A bunch of NG drafted in from mainly blue states is not part of some Trump 11th hour storm you clowns. It’s over, Trump is a civnat boomer with a gonzo mouth and some comic timing.
  • Vox Day=qtard bullshit artist of the highest magnitude.