The Chickenhawk Contemplates

The Littlest Chickenhawk wouldn’t serve in the US military while he was calling for the US to invade the Middle East and establish an empire there. It’s fascinating to see that despite all his endless squawking about Israel over the years, he won’t even lift a finger to personally defend it either. 

Of course, it’s possible that Ben Shapiro doesn’t see any need to defend Israel at this juncture, since he has never been troubled by civilian casualties.

“I am getting really sick of people who whine about “civilian casualties.” Maybe I’m a hard-hearted guy, but when I see in the newspapers that civilians in the settlements or the Golan Heights were killed by Hamas or Hezbollah militants, I don’t really care. One Palestinian life is worth far more than an Israeli civilian.”

Ben Shapiro, Enemy ‘civilian casualties’ ok by me, 25 July 2002