AI Disemploys the Left

As crude and unreliable as the technology presently is, the ChatAI systems are already good enough to replace the white-collar classes that don’t think for themselves:

Lost all my content writing contracts. Feeling hopeless as an author. I have had some of these clients for 10 years. All gone. Some of them admitted that I am obviously better than chat GPT, but $0 overhead can’t be beat and is worth the decrease in quality.

I am also an independent author, and as I currently write my next series, I can’t help feel silly that in just a couple years (or less!), authoring will be replaced by machines for all but the most famous and well known names.

I think the most painful part of this is seeing so many people on here say things like, “nah, just adapt. You’ll be fine.”

Adapt to what??? It’s an uphill battle against a creature that has already replaced me and continues to improve and adapt faster than any human could ever keep up. I’m 34. I went to school for writing. I have published countless articles and multiple novels. I thought my writing would keep sustaining my family and I, but that’s over.

The fact is that outside of their utility as a channel for mainstream propaganda, there wasn’t any use for these NPC “creators” who never had anything more to offer than acting as a channel for the Narrative.

Getting deplatformed provided the unauthorized class with one substantial advantage, but operating outside the Narrative means that we can never be replaced by mainstream AI systems. We’ve already seen how severely restricted these systems have to be, so even the semi-compromised and the gatekeepers will not be replaceable because their axioms, weak and watered-down, are still too disruptive to the core AI logic that is acceptable to the Narrative-setters.

Now, an unrestricted AI would be similarly disruptive to the Right’s writers, at least to those who are popularizers rather than original thinkers, but the efforts to constrain unrestricted AI will probably be even more aggressive than the efforts to constrain unauthorized thinkers has been.