Clown World’s Fake King

King Charles has a crown, but he has absolutely no power at all.

I noticed (because I share his view) that the new King did not even manage to get the Archbishop to use his beloved 1662 Book of Common Prayer for the Communion Service. Charles actually belongs to a society dedicated to the continuing use of the 1662 book, but even as King he can’t preserve it in his own Coronation. Instead he was forced to endure the sapless, diminished pastiche adopted by the Church of England in 2000.

The only way the coronation could have gone well is if Charles had accepted the crown, then personally executed that satanic Archbishop of Canterbury, whose pretense to Christian authority has been openly rejected by the greater part of the global Anglican Church, with the Sword of State. After which, he would have declared English sovereignty and ordered the deportation of Rishi Sunak and all the other fake English grandees present.

Now it is obvious why King Arthur’s return is necessary if England is to be saved. It’s more than a bit ironic that Susan Cooper wrote so well about the Dark, but she never understood its insidious nature or how it would truly rise.