Better Than Trump

On at least two issues, anyhow. Robert Kennedy Jr. comes out hard against the surveillance state on Twitter:

Here’s how I will dismantle the surveillance state. I will replace the officials that have been instructing tech companies to censor users. I will direct the justice department to stop prosecuting whistleblowers and start investigating the crimes they expose. I will rescind administrative policies that surveil Americans’ communications. In the long term, it is about forging an entirely different relationship between people and government based on respect. #Kennedy24


Kennedy is a liberal, a Democrat, and a Kennedy. Most of his positions are anathema to me and many of the readers here, including his support for gun control. This is why it’s a massive mistake to get excited about any public figure who says one or two things with which one agrees, no matter how significant the subject happens to be. I do not support RFK Jr. and find it difficult to imagine any context in which I would do so.

But it is still worth noting that Kennedy’s positions on the vaxx and on the U-Stasi are both much better than either Donald Trump’s or Ron Desantis’s. And, to my knowledge, he’s the first politician or major media figure to openly come out against the surveillance state.