Hollywood is Never an Option

We didn’t actually need to see Amazon Studios folding, spindling, and mutilating the appendices of The Simarillion to know the Hellmouth is totally incapable of producing anything worthwhile from the literary medium.

Legendary comic book creator Alan Moore was disgusted by the woke adaptation of his comic Watchmen by HBO and told the showrunner never to contact him while it was being filmed.

The showrunner reached out to Moore and admitted that the show was a disaster. They sent a letter to Moore, saying: “Dear Mr. Moore, I am one of the bastards currently destroying ‘Watchmen.’” Moore did not appreciate the correspondence.

“That wasn’t the best opener,” Moore said regarding the showrunner letter. “It went on through a lot of, what seemed to me to be, neurotic rambling. ‘Can you at least tell us how to pronounce “Ozymandias”? I got back with a very abrupt and probably hostile reply telling him that I’d thought that Warner Bros. were aware that they, nor any of their employees, shouldn’t contact me again for any reason.”

THE BOYS would be the singular exception that proves the rule, but that’s only because the wildly over-the-top nature of the comics actually forced the producers to tone things down. A lot.