When Dialectic Exceeds Rhetoric

It renders the rhetoric toothless and useless:

Liberal MSNBC hosts and pundits worried about potential Democratic losses in the upcoming midterm elections, took to Twitter this week to stoke fears of “fascism” if voters supported Republican Party candidates.

The liberal anchors were largely reacting to a New York Times poll that found independent voters were turning to the GOP over concerns about the economy.

In a melodramatic tweet, MSNBC’s Joy Reid bashed anyone who voted Republican as choosing “literal fascism.” “It’s terrifying how many Americans will choose literal fascism, female serfdom, climate collapse and the reversal of everything from Social Security & Medicare to student loan relief bc they think giving Republicans the power to investigate Hunter Biden will bring down gas prices,” she tweeted.

I’m neither a fascist nor a communist, but I would absolutely, one hundred percent, vote for a literal Italian fascist, a Chinese neo-communist or a medieval Norman aristocrat over the global satanists who presently rule the West. Even the literal German National Socialist Workers Party was less evil, less wicked, and less murderous than the global satanists.

That is not a defense of any of those evil historical ideologies and organizations. To the contrary, it is an indictment of the current global elite, who might – perhaps – be ever so slightly less awful and wicked than the elites of the Aztec and Carthaginian empires. Possibly.

And given how compromised the corrupt and corpocratic Republicans are themselves, literal fascists are probably to be preferred to them too.