She’s Not Wrong

She may be fake-dating a little gay British man and have stumpy little legs, but Olivia Wilde is clearly brighter than the average Hellmouth whore. Jordan Peterson cried in public because Wilde correctly identified him as “an insane pseudo-intellectual”.

Jordan Peterson had tears in his eyes as he said he was not ‘bothered’ by the movie star calling him an ‘insane pseudo-intellectual hero’ to the ‘incel’ community as she revealed he was her inspiration for a character played by Chris Pine in Don’t Worry Darling.

‘We based that character on this insane man, Jordan Peterson, who is this pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community,’ Wilde said, adding that incels are a community of ‘disenfranchised, mostly white men, who believe they are entitled to sex from women.’

When asked whether he agrees with Wilde’s assessment that he is an ‘intellectual hero’ to incel men, Peterson became emotional and had tears in his eyes, before insisting that her comments ‘really didn’t bother me’.

Peterson said that he was a ‘hero’ to incels or ‘involuntary celibates’ – a mostly online group of young men who believe society unjustly denies them sexual or romantic attention. Speaking on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Peterson said: ‘Sure, why not. People have been after me for a long time because I’ve been speaking to disaffected men – and what a terrible thing to do that is.’

Peterson then paused as he became emotional and tried to fight back tears, before adding: ‘I thought the marginalized were supposed to have a voice.’ Speaking about how Wilde branded him ‘this insane man’ and a ‘pseudo-intellectual’ who appealed to an ‘incel community’, Peterson said: ‘You know, as far as critique goes, that was kind of low level.’

Yeah, because he handled the high-level criticism that was directed at him in Jordanetics so very well. At least this time he didn’t go off on a Definitely Not Meth binge that landed him in a coma in Russia.

People aren’t after you because you speak to disaffected men, Jordan. They’re after you because you are a dishonest pseudo-intellectual with a Christ complex who delves into the occult, passes off faux Jungian bafflegarble as philosophy, and offers terrible advice to people who need much better role models than you can provide.