How To Gamma

Scott Adams shows all the other secret kings how it’s done. He just can’t stop himself. It’s an exemplary lesson in how no amount of success, money, or fame can fundamentally alter the Gamma pattern of behavior once it is formed. The Gamma simply can’t bear to publicly admit that he, the Secret King, hasn’t won again, no matter how obviously wrong he is or how obviously stupid and transparent his behavior is.

When observably wrong, the Gamma inevitably attempts to revise the history and redefine the issue in order to frame how, despite being wrong, he was actually correct to have taken the position that he did at the time he made the decision. He also attempts to put himself in a position where he is the arbiter of everyone else’s opinions instead of having his own incorrect opinion judged by them, hence the attempt to present his critics with a stupid and irrelevant hypothetical situation.

  • Given a choice between certain death and a 25% chance of death, many of the commenters chose to challenge the question. 😂

    If the next variant were to spread as easily as Omicron but had a 100% death rate after 30 days of infection, would you take a vaccine with a known 25% chance of killing you and a 75% chance of protecting you?
  • Thousands of different pandemic opinions are being censored, not just one. That’s where the blind spot happens on this topic. You think there are “sides.” If that’s the frame, censoring one side looks evil. I see all “obviously wrong” interpretations of data getting banned.
  • I triggered so much cognitive dissonance today that I have people arguing against hearing both sides of a debate in close proximity. They think they are in some other sort of conversation.
  • Stop watching long interviews that involve one non-expert talking to one expert. That’s a guarantee you will be misinformed. Ask yourself if Twitter or Google would ban content in which opposing sides are argued by experts. They wouldn’t, because that would be useful.
  • The “Be Google for me” tell for cognitive dissonance. Google any of your heroes names (for any topic) plus “debunk” and see what happens. You won’t like it.
  • The content-free criticism is a tell for cognitive dissonance.
  • The mind-reading tell for cognitive dissonance.
  • The empty insult tell for cognitive dissonance.
  • Another empty insult tell for cognitive dissonance.
  • That’s a solid reply to your own hallucination. Wake me up when your criticisms of me are actually about me.
  • The “Take the L” tell for cognitive dissonance. Getting this one a lot lately.
  • Hallucinations are running wild today. Does anyone want to criticize me for an actual opinion I hold?
  • Again, more people agreeing with me while acting as though they are disagreeing.