Better Odds at Auschwitz

Karl Denninger points out that US hospitals are incredibly efficient at killing Covid patients:

Tennessee publishes Covid case, hospitalization and death data on a daily basis — by county.

Sevier County has one hospital, so there is exactly one place to aim your ire when it comes to their results vis-a-vis Covid-19. Since it is part of Covenant Health that entire corporate entity and every other medical edifice that is a part of same down to every affiliated physician office shares every bit of responsibility involved here.

On 7/1/2021 306 people had gone to said hospital for since it started and of them 186 had left in a box, for a total of 60.1% slaughtered. The deliberate refusal to offer any sort of early treatment is reasonably chargeable to these bastards, and all of the outcomes of the hospitalizations are, of course. This death percentage is wildly higher than that of other hospitals all over the country and it is highly unlikely that is a “mere coincidence.”

You see, as of 12/29/2021 Sevier County’s single hospital had recorded 465 people in the hospital with 332 leaving in a box, for a total slaughter percentage of 71.4% since this crap began. In other words their record has gotten worse over time with more than a year of experience in this disease, not better.

But it gets really nasty when one does a bit of subtraction and only considers those who got the Coof in the last six months of 2021. You see 159 souls on or since 7/1/2021 had stupidly not shoved a gun up the nose of their doctor immediately upon being diagnosed with -19 and demanded some form of early treatment such as, for example, IMASK+. Nope, they allowed said murderous ** to tell them to go home and eat chicken soup instead and some of them, arguably as a direct result in many cases, wound up in the hospital.

Of those 159 souls who failed to force their physician to actually practice medicine instead of being a money-grubbing ** 146 of them, or an astounding 91.8% left in a box.

Now perhaps you can explain how you can call a place a “medical facility” with this sort of record? And perhaps you can find some rational explanation for this outcome, given that essentially all the really old people who were most-susceptible either got Covid and died or got vaccinated and were allegedly “protected” prior to July 1st of 2021 for this outcome other than the corporate entities involved realizing that they got away with maximizing revenue which just happened to kill the patient and thus did a hell of a lot more of that in the back half of 2021.

If you can find such an explanation in a world where “vaccines are free” and are “both safe and effective” please let me know what it is. I’m waiting.

I’ll bet you had better odds of survival at Auschwitz!

And he’d win that bet. From

Of the 400 thousand prisoners registered in the camp, 200 thousand people died there. They included almost 100 thousand Jews, 64 thousand Poles, 21 thousand Roma, 14 thousand Soviet prisoners of war and more than 10 thousand prisoners of other nationalities.

And whether you buy into the current Holocaustian dogma or not, the easily verifiable fact is that there was a better chance of walking alive out of Auschwitz concentration camp than there is from some US hospitals if admitted there for Covid treatment.