Pureblood Actor Sues ABC

A very public test of the corporate vaccine mandates is in process:

A veteran actor is suing ABC for religious discrimination after he was fired from America’s longest-running soap opera for refusing to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Ingo Rademacher, 50, who starred as Jasper Jacks on General Hospital for 25 years before his dismissal last month, has accused the Disney-owned American Broadcasting Company (ABC) of refusing to accept his exemption request for “sincerely held religious objections to the Covid-19 shots.”

Rademacher is represented by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – the son of assassinated US Senator Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former US president John F. Kennedy – along with attorneys John W. Howard and Scott J. Street. The actor’s lawsuit claims ABC “subjected him to half an hour of cross-examination about his religious beliefs and then denied his exemption request, without explanation.”

The lawsuit blasts the network’s decision as “blatantly unlawful” and argued that ABC does not “have the authority to force a medical treatment on its employees against their will,” and would have to offer religious exemption even if it did.

And yet, I’ll bet the denizens of the Hellmouth would fall all over each other granting religious exemptions if there was porcine DNA in the vaccines. That’s an area of accommodation that anyone suing a Jewish corporation like the Devil Mouse should be sure to delve into, because you can be fairly certain that they are not being as respectful of Christian religious beliefs as federal law requires.