Good Thing They’re Vaccinated

The English Premier league is at risk of being shut down because so many of its vaccinated players have come down with Covid. Which would probably be just as well, since they’ll be less likely to die from vaccine-related strokes and heart attacks if they’re not stressing their micro-clotted bodies.

Premier League SHUTDOWN fear: Teams worry that spiralling Covid cases – after record high of 42 in a week – could halt the season with stars having to wait for booster jabs and emergency protocols back in force.

Oh, yeah, and about those booster jabs? If you live in the UK, you’re going to need THREE shots now if you want to be considered fully vaccinated and carry around a valid “Covid passport”. Possibly within three weeks.

People may need three jabs to use controversial Covid passports for entry to large venues by January, the Health Secretary warned tonight. Sajid Javid told the Commons that people will only be considered ‘fully vaccinated’ once they have had their booster, and that three doses will be required for vaccine passports once all eligible adults in England have had ‘a reasonable chance’ to get another jab. But he refused to indicate when this would come into effect, as confusion mounts over whether the Prime Minister’s promise in his TV address on Sunday means everybody will have had their booster by December 31 or will just be offered a third dose by then.

Or, you know, you could get off the rollercoaster of useless vaccinations that are neither safe nor effective now, instead of doing so before the 4th booster. Or the 5th. Or the 6th.

Don’t think US sports will be spared either.

The NFL is is set to mandate all NFL Tier 1 and Tier 2 staff, including head coaches, assistants and others, must receive a Covid-19 booster by Dec. 27 or face considerable restrictions.