More Vaxx Trax!

Vaxx Trax has released its second track, BATS! Please to listen, download, and enjoy on the new Vaxx Trax playlist. Cultural differences notwithstanding, I still find it utterly impossible to believe that anyone would ever actually want to eat a flying rat. I don’t care how ravenous one is. For me, that was the first indication that the Wuhan wet market narrative was absurd, as it subsequently proved to be. DISCUSS ON SG

One quarter-pounder
Bacon with cheese
Delicious dark meat
From overseas
You feel Corona-chan invading every cell
Covid Nineteen hell
Worse than Taco Bell


Into your burgers
Into your stew
Now all your people
Are turning blue
It’s spreading fast through every city, ville, and town
Now they’re all locked down
Now they’re all locked down


Those flying rodents barbecuing on the grill
Weakening your will
Now you’re feeling ill


This appetizer left economies in flames
No insurance claims
You know who’s to blame


They’re still calling out to you
You know that you want them too
The wings in the barbecue
And there’s nothing you can do