I posted the following on Gab this morning for purposes that any member of the Dread Ilk – or House Dread as one of the Bears has dubbed you all – will probably recognize.

The worst thing about social media, in my opinion, is the way it encourages gammas and midwits to believe that they have the right to force their unwanted opinions on others.

This is incorrect. You have the right to express your own opinion on YOUR OWN posts. You do not have any right to express your opinion on MY posts or on anyone else’s, which is why the Block and Mute features exist and why I make extensive use of them.

If someone does not ask for your opinion, do not give it to them. And above all, do not attempt to correct those who do not ask for correction. First, experience indicates that you are probably wrong, and second, you are not the reality police.

In addition to the 409-and-counting likes, it inspired 153 comments, which included the expected amount of outrage from the gammas and midwits angry that their “right” to comment, correct, and critique my posts was being denigrated. Interestingly enough, of the 46 accounts I muted and blocked on the basis of their responses, only THREE of them were from accounts that followed me. Here is a small sample of their reactions.

  • I guess @voxday doesn’t believe in healthy debate, only single sided arguments. And I have no desire to just listen to other’s opinions without being able to challenge them.
  • @voxday uum, you do realize you are posting in a PUBLIC forum yes? Sure, you have the right not to listen and mute/block whoever, but you dont have the right to tell people they cant respond to your public posts. Go ahead and block mute the whole damn world for all I care, but as long as you are posting publicly, people can and will respond and if you dont like it, you are free to leave.
  • Want to know what a beta cuck looks like? Check out this garbage from @voxday Don’t comment or give your opinion on my post Vox Day. Your opinion isn’t welcome here, this is MY thread. Ffs
  • The “right”? Check the functionality of the private platform: anyone has the “right” to comment on anyone else’s posts – that’s what this type of place is. Just as you have the right to block…
  • @voxday Nobody asked for your opinion.
  • Your wrong, I have the right to express my opinion anywhere I wish to, you have the right to not listen. I guess you could like an intellectual coward box yourself into an echo chamber of one with the block feature you speak so highly of, however this will only serve to make you more sensitive (that is weaker) to things you don’t want to hear.
  • Who are you, to boss us around ? If I want to comment on someones idiocy, I will. I don’t need their invitation or permission. Unless I’ve already been blocked, I DO have a right to express my views , wherever I’m not prohibited from doing so. When someone posts a comment on Gab, it’s an implicit invitation to reply.
  • So what you’re saying is: You want to broadcast your own opinions but are too scared to discuss them with people who disagree with you, while you’re happy to take validation from people who agree with you, because your opinions can’t survive outside of your echo chamber?
  • This has to be the dumbest & most vomit-inducing post I’ve seen on Gab, and also the most characteristically Vox Day post on top of it all.

If these responses don’t make you grateful for SocialGalactic, I don’t know what will.