Any Age, No Reason

So many people are stroking out from the vaccines that the corrupt medico-media complex is having to resort to increasingly absurd explanations:

What triggers a stroke? The answer has been elusive, but a new study offers clues about what many survivors experienced soon before their stroke happened.

Anger or emotional upset was common in the hour before the onset of symptoms and was associated with all types of stroke, researchers wrote this month in the European Heart Journal.

Heavy physical exertion in the same time period was linked with increased odds of one type of stroke — intracerebral hemorrhage, or bleeding into the brain tissue.

“We believe that these triggering events may increase the heart rate, increase blood pressure and lead to hormonal changes that alter blood flows in vascular beds, such as the brain, which may increase the risk of stroke,” Andrew Smyth, lead author and professor of clinical epidemiology at the National University of Ireland, Galway, told TODAY.

“That being said, not every episode of anger or emotional upset or heavy physical exertion leads to a stroke.

Interestingly enough, they still haven’t added “Covid vaccination” to the list of risk factors, even though that is now the leading one.

Note that Interview with the Vampire author Anne Rice just died of “complications from an earlier stroke” suffered in the aftermath of her March 2021 vaccination.