St. Breivik, Pray For Sweden

One day, if Europe survives intact, there will almost certainly be statues raised throughout the continent in honor of Anders Breivik. And this sort of thing is why:

A young Swedish rape victim has been slapped with a hate crime after he responded to his victimizers mocking him in the courtroom with an illegal Nazi salute.

Kenny Friberg, aged 21, has been convicted for incitement against an ethnic group after he responded to his foreign victimizers mocking him in the courtroom by standing up and giving the “Sieg Heil” salute, a widely reviled gesture that has been banned throughout much of Europe, Swedish news outlet Fria Tider reports.

The incident took place earlier this month in a Malmö courtroom, during the trial of those who are accused of filming and posting to social media the rape, torture, and humiliation of Friberg, which allegedly lasted for six hours. When the alleged rapists erupted into laughter as video footage of the abuse was being played for the court, Friberg stood up and made the Nazi salute. In response, the defendants became irate and had to be detained. The trial was subsequently adjourned.

Later that day, Friberg was charged with incitement against an ethnic group, which he was later found guilty of.

Feel free to shed all the crocodile tears you like about how terrible it was that Anders Breivik “murdered children” whose average age was 22, one year OLDER than the average age of the US soldiers KIA in Vietnam. Then show us how much you truly care about children by injecting the death juice into your five-year-old like the obedient servant of Satan that you are. But regardless of what you do or say or think, future historians will observe that it was the evil multicultist quislings who aided and abetted the invasion of Europe that were responsible for the bloodshed.