Just Go, Boomer

What is it about Boomers and Gammas that they can’t simply shut up and go away in peace. They always have to make some sort of formal announcement before flouncing away, just to make sure that everyone is aware that the Special Boy’s specialness will no longer be available to them.

On October 19th, I will be deleting my Gab account. If you still want to follow me, I’ll be at http://gettr.com/user/mitchellvii.

Sorry, but I just can’t hang with the negativity here.

I’ll have more followers on GETTR in a month than I have here – and they will be optimistic patriots ready to work for 2022!

I don’t belong here.

I’m out. Please follow me on http://gettr.com/user/mitchellvii

This was my second response. My first response, of course, was: “who is Bill Mitchell?” To which I discovered the answer was “Boomercon grifter”. This made me laugh. He should probably stay away from the chans too, as Facebook is clearly more his style.