Dead Pilots in Flight

The airline industry is facing a much bigger problem than having its unvaccinated workers resisting the vaccine mandates by walking off the job.

During an interview with Stew Peters, Dr Jane Ruby provided breaking information, corroborated by multiple sources, that a vaxxed Delta Airlines pilot died in flight within the last two weeks, an emergency landing was forced, and the company is covering it up!

Even though we have all been expecting these sorts of adverse reactions to take place, it’s still rather shocking to see both the media and the airlines actively trying to hide what is actually happening to their personnel. The relevant information begins three minutes into the video; it’s not just the one incident either.

You could not pay me to get on an airplane these days.

In related news, a Southwest pilot explains that the airline’s recent series of cancellations and delays were not part of an organized effort by Southwest employees to resist the vaccine mandate, but rather, the natural consequences of the airline losing its historical advantage of employee goodwill and pilots willing to work overtime due to the imposition of the mandate.

The way Southwest schedules these flights these days, he said, is they rely on a significant number of pilots to pick up an extra trip for time and a half overtime pay. That time and a half pay is usually enough of a enticement to draw the needed number of pilots to fly those trips, he said.

After the vaccine mandate, however, Southwest shouldn’t have expected any pilots to sign up for those extra flights, he said.

The same was true for the pilots who called in sick.

“Let’s say I was supposed to work this past weekend after this vaccine mandate, and you know what, I’m going to lose my sick days in a month or 45 days, so I might as well just use them now and stay at home and help potty-train my two year old, you know what I mean?” the pilot said. “These are my sick days, and I own them, they’re mine.”

He continued: “So you have some people calling in sick, and then you have this extra 20 percent of flights that they’re relying on people to come out there and cover,” the pilot explained. “And people like me are saying, a week ago, you mandated me to do something I’m not comfortable doing—so these are the dominos beginning to fall.

Southwest runs that tight schedule, and then they try to get people to do overtime, and they’re relying on the goodwill of their staff to do that, and it’s not going to happen right now. There’s no good will right now at that company,” he said…. He stressed that there was no “organized sickout,” or even unofficial talk amongst themselves about calling in sick.

However, now that the unvaccinated are seeing how much power over their employers they collectively possess, it’s obvious that there will be a number of organized efforts in the future.