Tuesday Arktoons

BEN GARRISON Episode 24: The Summer of Our Discontent

CHUCK DIXON’S AVALON Episode 24: She Didn’t Shoot Me

STONETOSS Episode 25 Cutting Edge

MIDNIGHT’S WAR Episode 21: Aftermath

CHATEAU GRIEF Episode 1: Consomme Interrupted

We’re very pleased to introduce CHATEAU GRIEF, which marks the first independent comic to join the platform since we added the ability for creators to create their own series and upload their own episodes. This is a significant step forward for Arktoons, as we anticipate the amount of content available there to increase steadily over time.


Arkhaven Comics is pleased to introduce the new arrangement of the front page of Arktoons. Since so much new content is already on the way, the comics will henceforth be displayed by episode rather than by series, making it MUCH easier to find and read the latest episodes as they are published. Starting with RADIO BOY and REBEL DEAD REVENGE, Arkhaven is adding five new series this week, including one from The Legend Chuck Dixon, and after a brief hiatus, MIDNIGHT’S WAR is returning this afternoon. It will henceforth run on Tuesdays.