Is this reparations or something?

The PA Supreme Court, wouldn’t overturn obvious election fraud, but they didn’t hesitate to overturn a rapist’s conviction and set Bill Cosby free:

Bill Cosby will be released from prison today after Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court overturned his sexual assault conviction, ruling that prosecution from five women who weren’t involved in his trial impeded his chances of a fair trial. 

The Justices also ruled that a prior remark by Montgomery County District Attorney Bryan Castor that he was not going to prosecute him, led Cosby to make incriminating comments in a civil deposition, that prosecutors later used to make their case against him.

Cosby, 83, was the first male star to be brought down by the #MeToo era. He was convicted of drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand, but he was accused in public discourse and civil lawsuits of assaulting many more women. Their claims couldn’t be prosecuted because they fell outside of statutes of limitations. 

One presumes Harvey Weinstein is next. The Hellmouth isn’t about to accept any restrictions on its minions’ behavior.