The Promethean on the US justice system

The first shots have been fired by Promethians attempting to shut down the public revelations of its blackmail network, although The Washington Post attempts to bury the lede:

A gunman disguised as a delivery driver shot and killed the son of a federal judge and wounded her husband at their New Jersey home on Sunday, law enforcement confirmed to The Washington Post.

U.S. District Judge Esther Salas was not injured in the shooting, which the FBI, U.S. Marshals and local authorities are investigating.

The gunman showed up to Salas’s home in North Brunswick, N.J., wearing an outfit described to police as a FedEx uniform, law enforcement said. Both Mark Anderl, 63, a defense attorney and former Essex County assistant prosecutor, and Daniel Anderl, 20, a student at Catholic University in Washington D.C., were shot after one of them opened the door for the gunman around 5 p.m., ABC News reported.

“He was shot through the heart,” North Brunswick Democratic Mayor Francis “Mac” Womack told ABC News of Daniel Anderl.

Salas’s son died and her husband was rushed to the hospital for surgery, the Associated Press reported. Mark Anderl is now in stable condition, Womack told NJ Advance Media.

The FBI said it is looking for one suspect. The Marshals Service said it is also investigating, adding in a statement to HuffPost that the agency “is responsible for the protection of federal judicial officials and we take that responsibility very seriously.”

Authorities have not given any indication of a motive in the shooting. Womack, who is friends with Salas and her husband, told ABC he wasn’t aware of any specific threat against the judge. “As a judge, she had threats from time to time, but everyone is saying that recently there had not been any,” Womack said.

Salas, 51, was New Jersey’s first Hispanic woman to serve as a U.S. district judge. President Barack Obama nominated her for the position in 2010, and she was confirmed by the Senate in 2011. Salas previously served as a magistrate judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey….

She’s been on the bench for recent cases involving the Grape Street Crips, according to NJ Advance Media, a gang charged with running a drug trafficking operation. Salas has more recently taken on a lawsuit brought by Deutsche Bank investors alleging the bank failed to follow its anti-money laundering policies by taking on “high-risk” clients including Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender, the AP reported.

Whatever could the motive to kill the judge assigned to an Epstein-related case possibly be? It’s just a complete mystery! RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA. Also, China.