The dismay of the conservative

They can’t believe that they’ve been written out of the catalog of “respectable persons”:

On June 3, 2020, I was fired from my post as department chairman for publicly opposing and mocking the inherent terrorism of the Black Lives Matter movement. A doxxing-type petition arose against me early in the day; I was “canceled” before dinnertime.

Notably, unlike others who have faced similar forms of cancellation, I was not dismissed from a large secular state college or a public institution of secondary education, where capitulation to the mob is somewhat to be expected. This was a conservative, Catholic high school, whose theology department (which I chaired) rejects ab initio the ontological essentials of BLM . In other words, most of the recent firings by openly Marxist employers—such as the Regents of the University of California—boil down to nondescript “dog bites man” ledes. But my narrative falls far closer to “man bites dog,” given the antipathy with which Roman Catholic theology has typically regarded the Marxist neo-terrorism that postconciliar parochial schools are lately endorsing or condoning.

The high school at which I taught was also vaunted for fostering community. So one easily can imagine my surprise at the termination…. My firing is the perfect test case for measuring the profundity of conservative, Christian cowardice. It is, as the ghost of Marley tells Scrooge, “a ponderous chain.” Since I was the well-liked Catholic face of my former school—with a daughter whose continuing medical needs were well-known to everyone—my ruthless firing raises the question: just how frantic are Christians and conservatives to capitulate—and to telegraph their capitulation—to the new race-class-and-gender Marxists terrorizing American streets?

While his article is still rife with the stench of civnattery and “BLM R the Real Racists”, there is a glimmer of hope that conservatives like him are beginning to wake up. For he also writes:

Further, American conservatives rarely, if ever, circle the wagons around the few champions of the West who are willing to fight. Envying the dauntless courage of such midnightly few, the cowards on the Right practically celebrate the downfall of the unaided resistors in their midst. 

If you want to win, embrace your extremists and your warriors. You don’t have to like them, you just have to materially support them. And, above all, you have to stop attacking them and start attacking the enemy that wants to kill you, kill your children, destroy your nation, and eliminate your faith. Enlightenment, equalitarianism, and ecumenicism are the three seductive evils that have been draining the good, the beautiful, and the true from the West for decades, and the conservatives are going to have to realize that they have to their addictions to all three.