Darkstream: Scott Adams and the Power of Q

From the transcript of the Darkstream.

Scott Adams was talking about how the whole Q thing was bad for MAGA. Now that sounds very cryptic, but what he’s talking about is how he is concerned, like a lot of middle-of-the-road folks and moderates, he is concerned that talking about conspiracy theory is going to turn off, confuse, and disenchant people who might otherwise be inclined to support making America great again. Now this is the conventional moderate talk, all right, moderates always think that the secret to success is appealing to the moderates. You know, they always always do this. Back when Ronald Reagan was a candidate, before he won the nomination, we heard the same sort of reasoning, if you’re going to win you need to move to the center. Okay that is the conventional wisdom, and again and again and again,  political history proves that to be wrong.

Chasing the moderates is actually the way to ensure that you, number one,  will probably lose, and, number two, if you do win you’re not going to be able to do anything. Moderates above all fear change, all moderates want is to stick with the status quo, and so you know running to the center, it’s exactly what the elder George Bush did and that was part of why he managed to lose. So when you look at any advice about politics that worries excessively about marketing, about brand,  about turning people off and all that sort of thing, you need to look at it with this very skeptical eye, because most of the time it is not coming from a rational point of political analysis,  it’s not coming from an observation and application of political history,  it’s simply coming from the moderate’s distaste for anything that normal people might look at with a skeptical eye.

Now, the reality is people follow strength. People follow truth as long as it is fearlessly and forcefully spoken. We see this all around the world and we’ve seen this all through history. Those who stand up and speak the truth tend to meet with very positive reactions because people have a tendency to recognize the truth when they hear it.

If you think about it, what has Q accomplished? What is the primary consequence of Q, has it resulted in more or less confidence in the system? Has it caused people to embrace or reject the FBI, the CIA. and the professional Deep State. Has it appealed to the mainstream media or has it frightened the mainstream media? Okay, those are the questions that are relevant. Who Q happens to be and whether everything that Q says is 100 percent accurate or not, you know, these things are not even relevant points, they’re not even relevant questions.