Don’t ever talk to the media

No matter WHO you are, no matter WHERE you live. And definitely don’t permit them to visit your home and get “an in-depth idea of your circumstances”. They will use it against you and publicize it in the hope that it will somehow harm you.

When the Vice reporter came in January 2018, I showed them around Shenzhen for three days. During this visit, I brought the reporter to my home, long enough for the reporter to get an in-depth idea of my circumstances. In my home, I worked on an automated bartender project I had built for a friends bar- to address with the best possible evidence the ongoing Internet smear campaign against me that only a White man could do work like mine. All this was apparently not juicy enough for Vice. Frankly, it’s very rare I get accused of not being click-baity enough just being myself.

The Vice reporter returned home to NYC and in the following week began to ask the questions about my personal life it had been agreed were off limits. I was given the “opportunity” to address anonymous 4chan/Reddit speculation about my personal life from the ongoing harassment campaign against me- or look guilty in silence. This is not professional, this is not journalism:

Even the most basic level of professionalism was too much to ask of Vice- and yet they want to hide behind the title of “journalists” and claim to be above any accountability, when they are nothing of the kind.

The media and mainstream journalists are, without question, the enemy of the people. The God-Emperor should take a page from the People’s Republic of China and simply start arresting them en masse… as we are informed he will be doing shortly, and with good cause.

She also reveals how the notorious New York Times racist Sarah Jeong is a lying, deceptive, and unprincipled bitch:

With the platform that journalism gave her amplifying that power, sent on behalf of the exact sort of “privileged White man” she claims to despise, she went out to destroy another Asian woman. All while knowing full well the issue was far more complex than she was pretending, the facts completely different- and simply not caring. Not then, not in the following months when it became clear to more and more people just how badly she had abused her power, her education, her profession, and her privilege.

The President of the United States is absolutely right. The media is the enemy. But as Naomi Wu’s story demonstrates, they are not just the enemy of the American people, they are the enemies of humanity. I used to think journalists were brave and heroic, but now that I have direct experience of their deceptions and dishonesties, now that I see through their self-serving self-portrayals, I’m afraid I will remain entirely dry-eyed when one or more of them are publicly sacrificed in the false flag for which the media is already preparing the anti-Q narrative.

The truth is we don’t need journalists anymore. The ubiquity of smartphones and video recording equipment renders them utterly moot, especially since they primarily serve as gatekeepers and propaganda agents, not conduits of truthful and relevant information.